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Buzzards Y1/2 Mrs Brown

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Welcome to Buzzards Class - Yr1/2


Mrs Brown and Mrs Meaton



Don't forget your PE kits and book bags

18th November 2017


Dear Buzzards,


I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.  In maths this week we have continued with 'doubling' and have just moved onto 'time'.  I am very impressed that you have started to grasp this already!  For those of you that already know the time to the hour, we will continue to practise with '1/2 hour' next week.  If you would like to listen to the song which we have been singing this week, this is the link:


In English, we have been using adjectives.  This will be one of the skills which we will need when we write our own stories at the end of this topic.


We were very fortunate to have had a visit from the police this week.  They told us all about their uniform and jobs - they even brought some uniform for us all to dress up in.  We then had our fingerprints taken!  Take a look at the photos below.


We have also been learning our Nativity songs this week.  Some of you (narrators, Joseph and the Inn Keeper) have lines to learn.  These were given to you yesterday.  Please learn these at home ready for our rehearsals.  


In R.E. we continued with our 'symbols and light' topic and have started to learn about the significance of light in the Jewish and Christian faiths.


Thank you for remembering your P.E. Kits!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Mrs. Brown

10th November 2017


Dear Buzzards,


You have really impressed me this week!  You all sing so beautifully; your families will be in for a treat next month! Hopefully you are all happy with your roles in the Nativity - I think we have managed to match you to your preferred part.


In maths this week we have found half and double.  You could practise this at home.  This is the link to the game which we play in class:


I am also amazed at how well you are counting backwards in the lunch queue each day.  Keep practising.  It would be fantastic if you could all count back from 100 by Christmas.  Some of you have asked for the link to the number bond game that we sometimes play:


In English we have been writing our own books based on 'The Queen's Hat'.  On Monday, we will be moving onto 'The owl who was afraid of the dark'.


Our reading percentage was low again (45%).  Please try to read at least 3 times per week.  There have been lots of children without P.E. kits in school.   At the moment our P.E. times are varying so can you please make sure that they are in school every day.


Finally, I'm so sorry if you had to wait to see me at parents' evening on Wednesday.  There are so many wonderful things to say about you all that it is very hard to squeeze everything into 10 minutes!  Thank you for your patience.



Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Brown

4th November 2017


Dear Buzzards,


Firstly, we must welcome Mrs. Meaton, who is our new L.S.A. Most of you knew her already from Kites class so it is lovely that she has been able to join Buzzards.  


We started the week by trying to decide if I had cut fruit in half (2 equal parts) or if I had cut it unfairly into 2 uneven pieces.  We then tried folding shapes to find as many ways as possible to show half.  The year 2 children have been focusing on thirds and quarters.  We will be continuing with fractions next week and then moving onto 'double' and 'time'.


In English, we have started to write our own stories based on 'The Queen's Hat'.  We will finish these next week and then move on to 'The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark'.


At the end of the week we started to learn the songs for our Nativity play.  We will be auditioning for the various parts, early next week.


There will not be any project based homework this term as we will need to learn songs and script for the play.  Please focus on reading at home, practising your spellings and counting back from 100.  There will be also be maths games to play this term.  I have attached your spellings below in case you have lost your copy.


There were lots of children without P.E. kits this week.  Our P.E slots will be varied this term so they must be in school every day.  Thank you.


Have a super weekend!

Mrs. Brown

21st October 2017


Dear Buzzards,


I hope you all have a lovely holiday!


I have given you all a game to play over the holiday with a special dice.  This will help you to learn your number bonds to 10 - pairs of numbers, which, when added together total 10 - e.g. 1 and 9, 2 and 8, 3 and 7.  I have also attached this below in case you have lost it.  The idea is that you can recall these pairs instantly.  Please also continue to count to 100 and back again.  After the holiday we will be looking at fractions and time.


In English we have started to plan our own story based on the book, 'The Queen's Hat'.  Some of your initial ideas are very amusing and I can't wait to read your finished stories!


Using the 'Publisher' software in ICT, we managed to copy, turn and alter the size of the leaves which were scanned in from our printed art session a few weeks ago.  Some of you even created some 'Andy Goldsmith' inspired images with your leaves!


Thank you for bringing in your project homework.  It was lovely to see the effort that you had given to each piece.


Please read at home regularly.  You are all working so hard in phonics and it is really showing in your reading - well done!


Finally, we had to say goodbye to Miss Moral.  She has worked very hard to ensure that our books have been changed regularly and supporting us all in Maths and English.  She will be missed!  After the break, Mrs Meaton, our new L.S.A., will be with us every day.  Most of you will recognise her as she regularly helped in Kites class.


Have a super break!


Mrs. Brown


13th October 2017


Dear Buzzards,


On Monday we went on a virtual trip around Wallop to search for geographical features using Google Earth.  So that we can compare Nether Wallop with Andover, in English, we have been practising the skills needed to write a letter.  We will be sending our letters to children at a school in Andover, in the hope that they can answer our questions about Andover.  Although most us started the final copy of our letters on Friday, we are not quite finished, so we will post them on Monday instead.


In Maths, we have started to learn about subtraction. We have continued to count backwards in our lunch queue each day and we are getting better!  Well done!  Keep practising this at home please.


In Art, we drew huge leaves using chalk pastels and some of us used magnifying glasses to see the fine detail.  I will be displaying these in class.  I have also displayed your Andy Goldsworthy inspired art on the board in the corridor.  Do take a moment to admire your wonderful work as you pass by - it really is beautiful!


Our reading percentage was 69% this week which is slightly better.  However, Eagles class had a percentage of 91% so we have a long way to go.  Please read at home with an adult at least 3 times every week.  Thank you!


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs. Brown

6th October 2017


Dear Buzzards,


I hope you enjoyed this week.  We started by visiting the woodland to see which insects and minibeasts we could find.  While some of us searched under logs and leaves, the rest shook the trees to see which creatures landed on my tablecloths and sheets (which are now a bit muddy!).  Although we found a few minibeasts, we decided to make some bug hotels in the hope that we may find some different types when we visit the woodland area later in the year.  I have attached lots of photographs below.


In maths we have been learning how to add two numbers together using cubes and a number line.  Next week we will be moving onto subtraction.  Please keep counting at home - especially backwards!


In English we have been learning how to write questions.  We have also created plurals by adding the suffix 's' and 'es'. This is to prepare us for when we write letters to a school in Andover next week.


Well done for all remembering your P.E. kits this week and for getting changed so quickly - what an improvement!


I also want to say a big WELL DONE for the improvement to our reading percentage (68%).  However, we have a long way to go if we want to be the top class and gain new books for our classroom.  Please try to read to your adult at least three times each week.


Copies of the spellings are attached below.  If you cannot remember which colour group you are in, orange group go out of the class each day to the phonics hub, while green group stay in the classroom.


Have a super weekend!

Mrs. Brown

29th September 2017


Dear Buzzards,


Another busy week!

In maths we have been finding 'more' and 'less'. Some of us have been adding 10 (10 more).  Addition will continue next week.  We have also been practising counting back from 28.  Next week we will be counting back from 30.  Please practise at home.  I have attached a game to play at home to help with your learning.


In English, we have planned our pages for our class sequel to 'Stanley's Stick'. We will be displaying our finished pages on the board outside our classroom.  We will then practise writing questions which will be linked to our Geography.  I hope you don't mind, but I have decided not to take you to Andover this term.  The cost of the coach is quite high and we feel that a trip in the spring/summer term to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard would be more beneficial. 


In music, we explored the different sounds that we could make with our bodies and next week we will do the same with percussion instruments.


In Geography we went outside to see how many physical and human features we could spot, whilst in P.E we added some variation to our speed car warm-up routine and continued with ball control using our feet.


I noticed that many of you left your letters in the classroom. Please tell your adults that next week we will be making a bug hotel.  Please could you bring into school a container such as a tin can (make sure that it is not sharp) or flower pot (see letter below).


Now that the weather is getting chilly and damp, please make sure that you bring a coat to school every day.  Please could you all check that you have a P.E. kit in school at all times.  These really do not need to go home until half term to be washed.


Thank you!

Have a super weekend!

Mrs. Brown


22nd September 2017


Dear Buzzards,

Another week whizzes by!  As I sit here, marking your books, I can see how much effort you are all putting into your learning!


In English this week, we have been practising the skills which we will need for writing our class book next week.  We have been learning how to add the suffix 'ing' and sequencing events in order with appropriate time connecting words (first, next, after that...).


In maths, we have concentrated on place value and in particular writing our 'teens' number correctly (14 and not 41).  Next week we will start our unit on addition.  Please remember to practise counting at home, especially backwards.


In art we finished our leaf prints, ready for ICT next week. We also used the sketching pencils to draw some of the Wallop wild flowers.  We tried very hard to only draw what we could see.  In P.E we learnt a new warm-up game and then practised controlling a ball with our feet around cones.  In Geography, we explored a book by Jeannie Baker.  This amazing book shows the view from the same window over time.  We discussed the physical and human features as the landscape changed.  You could choose this option for your homework.


I hope all your homework projects are going well.  Don't forget to practise your spellings.  Well done to the children who managed to spell all five words correctly this week and earned themselves a sticker for their chart!


Our reading at home percentage was still very poor this week (41%).  Reading underpins all our other learning.  Please practise this at home at least three times each week. The mountain of jumpers and cardigans without names, and still unclaimed on Friday, have now been taken to 'lost property' if you think that one may be yours.


I have attached a few photographs from this week.  If you scroll down further, you will see some from last week also.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Brown

15th September 2017


Dear Buzzards,

What a busy week!

In maths we have been concentrating on place value and counting accurately.  We will be continuing with this next week and then moving onto addition.  Please practise counting at home.  We are aiming for all of you to be able to count to 100 and back again as soon as possible.  


You have all amazed me this week with your concentration during handwriting.  Your letter formation is improving and you are taking care in your English books.  Well done! 


In English there were some fantastic ideas for what could have been in my paper bag. I particularly liked the idea of a rainbow, a unicorn, a dragon and a dinosaur.  What imaginations you have!  Next week, we will be using the sticks which we collected from the woods to write a class book based on the story, 'Stanley's Stick'.


The leaf prints and leaf rubbings from today's art were beautiful!  We will continue with this next week so that we have enough leaves to create some Andy Goldsworthy inspired artwork.


I have attached a topic map, homework outline, spellings and letter below.  I have also attached some ideas to help you to learn your spellings. Every Friday, I will test you on your spellings.  If you manage to spell all of the words correctly, you will receive a sticker for your chart. 5 stickers = a prize from the gold box!


Please read every day at home and ask your adult to sign your reading log.  Sadly, only 33% of you read at home at least three times last week, which was the lowest percentage in the schoolwink. Let's aim for 100% please!


I have a collection of jumpers and cardigans, without name labels.  If you think that one of these may belong to you, please ask your parents/carers for a description (knitted, fleece, logo/no logo etc.) so that I can send them home.  Any which are not claimed, will be put into 'lost property' at the end of next week.


Finally, for those of you who do not travel by bus each morning, why not ask your parents/carers to drop you at the entrance so that you can practise being independent.  Year 1 is all about being able to do things for ourselves, being resourceful and building independence.  I will of course be available after school if your parents/carers need to speak to me.


Have a super weekend!

Best wishes

Mrs Brown



8th September 2017


Dear Buzzards,

Welcome to your new class and welcome back to the Year 2 children!

For most of you there will be quite a change to your daily routine.  From Monday, you will find the day structured into phonics, handwriting, English, break, maths, guided reading and lunch.  In the afternoon we start with mental maths (unless it is a P.E. day) and then move on to either  science,  art, Design and Technology, music, RE, ICT, Geography, History or PE. We finish the day with assembly. You will also be expected to be more responsible for yourselves and your belongings this year.


Reading books will be changed twice a week and two books will be issued.  Please read a little every day to an adult at home for approximately 10 minutes and record it in your diary.  Each week we measure the percentage of the class who have read at least three times.  The winning class collects points and the winning class each half term can choose new books for their classroom. Reading is a skill that is needed for almost every area of your day and therefore needs regular practise. On Fridays, you will be given spellings to learn and maths games to play at home.


Please ensure that you have your P.E. kit in school at all times and fits properly.  It can be taken home at the end of term for washing.  Please also make sure that ALL clothing is named.  I already have a collection of jumpers and cardigans that I would love to send home!


Unless it is raining heavily, we will be spending break and lunchtimes in the fresh air, outside. Please bring a coat every day as the weather is now becoming very changeable.  If you have a spare coat, you could bring it into school and leave it on your peg.  We will also be using the school grounds for science this term so a coat will be necessary.


Please do not bring toys into class.  They are a distraction for other children and they are very likely to get lost or broken.


Please also do not bring sweets to share on your birthday as Wallop promotes healthy eating.  In addition, there are many children with allergies who would not be able to be included, and therefore would be upsetting for them.


We have some exciting activities planned for this year and I will do my best to make learning fun!   Please check the blog each week as I will often attach photographs of our learning.


Have a super weekend!


Best wishes from

Mrs. Brown


Happy National Kindness Day!