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Hawks Y2/3 Mrs Williams

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Welcome to Hawks Class - Yr2/3


Mrs Williams and Mrs Shadwell



Don't forget

 PE kits and book bags should be in school everyday smiley

Welcome to Hawks Class 2018/19

Year 2 Homework 
The spellings for this week are still focused on homophones. It would be greatly beneficial to the children if they practice spelling the words and writing them into sentences to help with their contextual understanding. 
Flour/Flower, Bear/Bare, Hole/Whole, One/Won, Here/Hear
For maths, there is an assignment which should be live tonight for the children to complete on Prodigy Maths. 
Have a great weekend!

Year 3 homework - 14th September

Spellings this week are as follows:

Group 1: aim, paid, strain, play, away, stray, same, cake, plate, crane

Group 2: vein, reins, veil, eight, freight, weight, straight, grey, prey, they

For an extra challenge trying using each one in a sentence.

In maths this week we have been learning to add using 2 or 3 digit numbers. We have used apparatus to split the numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. Well done to the children who practised their place value skills on Prodigy this week, I have set some addition and subtraction questions for next week.

Please also continue to practise your tables. I was very impressed with the improvement this week. I  can tell you have been working hard on these and your hard work is paying off.

Year 2 Homework - 7th September

The spellings this week are based on homophones. The children need to know when to use each of the following spellings so you will need to give them in context eg 'I can see a tree.' and 'The boat sailed on the sea'. For an extra challenge your child could write the whole sentence.


see/sea, blue/blew, be/bee, sun/son, quiet, quite.


Year 3 Homework - 7th September

Maths - In maths this week we have been learning about place value. I have set some place value questions on Prodigy. Your child has also been given a slip stating what times table to learn. Please learn up to 12 x your number. We will do a times table test every Friday. When your child has scored 12 out of 12 three times they will move onto the next level.

Spellings - Your child has brought home a spelling list today. There are two spelling groups. Your child's group is noted on the top of their spelling list.

Group 1: helps, helped, helping, run, running, reach, reaches, skips, skipped, skipping

Group 2: change, changes, changing, reached, reaching, splits, splitting, pushes, pushed

Challenge for both groups: Write a sentence for each word.


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20 July 2018


On behalf of Mrs Shadwell, Mrs Buttery and myself we would like to wish you all an amazing summer holiday and we hope you have lots of fun!

Happy Summer!



P.S. Thank you to all those who sent cards and gifts smiley it was very kind of you.

19 July 2018


Wow, what a great day we had at the Museum of Army Flying on Monday! It was great to see all your wonderful work on display. The work is situated in hanger 2 and will be there to view the whole summer. Mrs Shadwell and I were very impressed with your behaviour and you were super representatives of Wallop Primary School.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

11 July 2018


What a great few days we have had! You have all worked too hard on your Design and Technology project based on food & nutritionsmiley


We have practised cooking skills, taste tested food, explored healthy eating, explored the herb garden and planned, made, tasted and evaluated a dish! Well done! a very busy 3 days. Mrs Shadwell and I really enjoyed this too.


Please check out the photos of the fun we had.....

5 July 2018


Sports day tomorrow! Don't forget sun hats, lots of suncream and water bottles! Mrs Hughes is hoping to get lots of photos. smiley


Next week we are completing a Design and Technology project based on food and nutrition. Don't forget to bring back the permission slip so you can take part in all the activities we have planned.


Spellings - Next week there are no new words to practise in class as we shall be doing a spelling assessment. Should you wish to work on spelling different words please use the lists below. These words can be practised using 'look cover write check' , pyramid writing or rainbow writing. Please use whichever strategy works best for your child.


Year 2                                                                Year 3

4 July 2018


What a great day we had on Tuesday! Look at all the amazing work you produced. Our classroom looks like a gallery.



16th  June 2018


First of all I must say well done for winning the reading competition on the 8th June! I am super proud. Let's keep  reading and see if we can win again before the end of term. Mrs Hughes has got your reward ready for Monday!


Last week you produced some super work. Mrs Buttery, Mrs Shadwell and I have really enjoyed reading your newspaper reports about Jacks adventure on the baked beanstalk. 

In Maths we worked on position and direction. Can you remember which is your left hand? right foot? which way do you turn for anti clockwise and clockwise. Here is a link to Hip Hop Granny to show your family...  smiley


We are utilising the FIFA World Cup to support our ICT lessons and also win more team points. Mrs Hughes and Lily got the first 5 points! Well done Russia! Don't forget to bring your research ready for Tuesday.


Here are this weeks spelling words....


Don't forget Library day is on a Tuesday and good luck to the 4 Hawks children taking part in the athletics on Monday.


We hope you all have lovely weekend. See you next weeksmiley






25th May


What a busy week we have had! We hope you have all enjoyed your extra day at home? Attached below are some tasks you may wish to complete.


Spellings - Today's spellings will be tested on Monday 4th June and the new list on Friday 8th.

Please look below for the words for the 4th and these are the new words....


After half term we are moving onto traditional stories with a twist! It would be great if you could read stories such as  the 3 Goats, 3 Pigs, Little Red Riding hood etc over the holiday.


Please keep reading! fingers crossed we can keep improving our reading percentage.


Below are photos of our shape work and planning our dance moves during the PH sports PE lesson.


18th May 2018


Another busy week in Hawk class. All the children have worked hard with their SATs tests - well done. smiley


Your child should have brought home a new prodigy log in. Feel free to use at home if you would like. By using this new log in we will receive updates on how your child is doing.


Don't forget to bring your 'Tim Peake' research to school on Monday. We will use it to help construct your newspaper report.


We have new class members this week - 5 chick hatched and are now resident outside our class. Very exciting.


The Garden party was a huge success. Thank you for coming to join us. Below are some photos of the afternoon.

*Now to be tested on Monday 4th June*

*Now to be tested on Monday 4th June* 1

11th May 2018


Well done Hawks, our reading percentage is going up! We nearly have half the class reading 3 times in a week.


Don't forget to check out our amazing art display in the hall - can you find your prints?



Last week you wrote amazing newspaper reports about the 1969 moon landing. Your homework is to research Tim Peakes time in space! Hopefully the AAC Air museum will let us display work writing.


Below are the spelling words for next Friday

7th May


Well done Hawks class for remembering to bring your planners and reading books every day. Fingers crossed we can all remember every day this week. Please nag Mums / Dads / Grandparents to sign your planners to show you have read to them!


We have finished our work on 'Journeys' and we are now moving onto to space explorers. Mrs Hughes will be giving you researching homework to help with your writing over the next 3 weeks.


Mrs Shadwell and Mrs Hughes loved your printing. We are going to celebrate your artistic talents by displaying your masterpieces in the school hall for everyone to enjoy.  Hopefully it will be ready to view by the end of the week.


We hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend! See you Tuesday!

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27th April


Well done Hawk class our reading percentage has gone up by 4%. One person read 6 times!!! Please try to read one more time each week and our percentage will hopefully keep going up. I wonder what our class reward will be when we win???


From Monday 30th April you will change your home reading books on the day you complete your guided reading activity with the Teacher.


Monday - Enid Blyton group

Tuesday - Julia Donaldson group

Wednesday - JK Rowling group

Thursday - Roald Dahl group

Friday - David Williams groups.


Please bring your planner and books daily as you may need them to read to an adult, practise your spellings and record your spelling score on a Friday.


You will get 1 house point each day you bring your planner  and at the end of the week, 1 house point for each time you have read at home!


Don't forget your PE needs to be in school everyday.


We hope you have a great weekend!



Spellings - The words are linked to the spelling focus we have in class

Spellings - The words are linked to the spelling focus we have in class 1

23rd April 2018


What a great day we've had. We walked over 4 miles this morning!!!!!!sad and had some bonus animal treats too!


We are very proud of your attitude whilst walking along the country roads and also the amazing pencil sketches you drew around Nether Wallop. We shall use these sketches in our next art lesson!


Can you remember the link between St George and Nether Wallop Church???


We would like to say a huge thank you to Vanessa, Mrs Wells and Mrs Woodrow for supporting us on our walk, along with Alix from the village for providing refreshments for us in the village hall.

20th April 2018


We hope you had a great time at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard yesterday! Thank you to Mrs Lovell and Mrs Francis for joining us. What a great day! 


Please check back later for photographs!


On Monday we are walking to Nether Wallop Village to explore the building types and find out the link between the church and St George! Make sure you are wearing comfortable walking shoes and bring a sunhat! smiley The church will be providing refreshments.


Please try to read at least 3 times a week! We would love to win the school reading competition! 28 marbles in the jar if we can!


Below are the spellings to be learnt for Friday 27th April. The spelling words are based upon the spelling activities we are doing in class during that week. Don't forget you can practise them in the following ways....

- look, cover, write, check

- rainbow writing

- pyramid words

- make a matching game

- cut up the word and remake

- make the word with play dough  / magnetic letters.


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Easter Holiday Challenges


Earn 5 house points for each challenge you complete


Next half term we are going to be

'Epic Explorers'


Challenge 1 - send Hawk Class a postcard about where you have been exploring over the Easter holiday.


Challenge 2 - research an 'explorer'. What facts can you find out about them? We will share this research on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th April.


Challenge 3 - read at least 3 times each week of the holiday. Don't forget to ask Mum or Dad to sign your planner.


Don't forget to keep practising your times tables.


We all hope you have a great holiday! Happy Easter.

Hawks learnt about weighing by making biscuits.

Hawks learnt about weighing by making biscuits. 1
Hawks learnt about weighing by making biscuits. 2

Work for Thursday 1st March

10th January 2018


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas!














Woodland Project Launch

The photographer will be visiting the school on Wednesday 3rd October. Please can all children be wearing the correct uniform. Thank you