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Hawks Yr 2/3

Welcome to HAWKS

Class Teacher - Mrs Hughes
Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Shadwell




Happy Holidays

Mrs Shadwell and I would like to wish you all an amazing summer holiday! We have both loved being part of your time in Hawks class. Good luck to Oliver and Flora who are moving onto new schools in September.


Here's some of the fun we had on the last day of term.....

Gymnastic display by Avi and Ava smiley


Still image for this video


Our Seaside day with kites and Buzzards!


Fun outside.....

Seaside crafts......

Sea related movies......

Did you choose Moana, Sharklife , Little Mermaid or Finding Dory??

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!!


Still image for this video

We hope you had lots of fun!smiley


Sports Day!


What a great day we had! smiley 

A big thank you to all the parents who came to support us.

Please check back later in the week, there are more photos to come!



Last week we had great fun making our rain gauges in time for the downfall on Tuesday evening.

(This is the instruction video we followed if you didn't have a bottle to make your own in school - )


On Wednesday some children brought their measurements and rain gauges for us to see...

Mr Coomber told us about the the schools rain gauge in the meadow. Wallop is the only school in Hampshire which records the rainfall monthly for the Environment Agency. Next week he is going to show us how it all works. The next photos show our hunt for it, we were expecting something much bigger!!
Please check your rain gauge every day. Remember to pour it carefully into a measuring jug and bring your measurement to school for the class rain record. Last week Russell collected 400ml of rain in his garden smiley. The class rain gauge collected 460ml of rain - will your garden beat it??

Don't forget  

PE kit should be in school every day and Sports day is FRIDAY!

Summer 2 Week 1 Blog

Our Water Topic has started with a splash! First of all, we thought about what we know about water and what we would like to know. We were surprised with quite how much relevance water has. We have explored the role of water in keeping us healthy. In R.E. we have looked at how the River Ganges is sacred for Hindus. We listened to Handel's Water Suite and talked about how the music represents water. We have started creating water sounds to put together group compositions.


In Reading, we have been comparing books by the same author. Year 2 children have been comparing Helen Cooper's books Pumpkin Soup and  Delicious! Year 3 children have been comparing Michael Morpurgo's books The Butterfly Lion and The Last Wolf. Mrs Hickman was amazed by our ideas and did even better than she expected. What a wonderful discussion we had!


In writing, we started by writing a recount of our half term holiday so we could try and achieve our new personal writing targets. Mrs Hickman shared with us her recount of her family's trip to LEGOLAND so we knew what she was looking for. She had time connectives, conjunctions; so, but, then, when, because, questions, exclamatory sentences and even fronted adverbials with a comma. We were very good at using a time connective as a fronted adverbial so Mrs Hickman decided we needed to think about ISPACEd to help us start sentences in other ways. You might like to ask us what ISPACEd means! We had a little practise with sentences we could use in our writing and Mrs Hickman was delighted with the quality of the language we used. We are writing the opening of The Butterfly Lion to tempt other children to read on and we will definitely be including some ISPACEd fronted adverbials!  Others of us are working on achieving our personal writing targets in our retelling of Pumpkin Soup with a big focus on spelling Year 2 common exception words and contractions. We will start by practising our mis-spellings and remember to spell them correctly in our writing.  

Water Project Ideas

Summer Term 2 Topic Map

Italy Projects

Mrs Shadwell and I were really impressed by the quality of the Italian projects which came into school on Thursday. We had Italian menus, maps, Italian flag with an explanation of its significance, a few models of Mount Vesuvius, Italian words/phrases books, Power Point presentations given by Thomas, Jack and Hattie and more... Jack and Hattie actually visited Rome for a few days so Jack gave us a photo guided PowerPoint of the landmarks they saw and Hattie gave us a photo guided Power Point of all the Italian food they enjoyed. Take a look at the Power Point presentations below. The children were extremely creative in what they produced and enjoyed learning from one another. I learnt a thing or two too which I LOVE. Thank you Hawks and a massive well done from us. You are truly inspirational ! :)


Mrs Hickman and Mrs Shadwell

Summer Term 1 Week 5


This week, we read a newspaper article in the Telegraph about fidget spinners. We formulated our own opinions about whether or not they should be banned in school. We have written letters to Mr Lambert and Mrs Sexton expressing our opinions, some of which is based on the opinions of experts in ADHD and Autism. We will let you know what Mr Lambert and Mrs Sexton thought of our ideas.     


In R.E, we virtually explored the Hindu Mandir in north London and experienced some Indian culture through dance. We realised quite how much this style of dancing used upward arm movements as our arms were aching!


We explored a day in the life of Tranio and Livia to find out what life was like in ancient Italy. We have written a diary entry as one of these characters recounting a typical day. Next, we will compare our typical day to that of Tranio and Livia.   


Year 2 children have sat their SATs this week and Mrs Hickman is very proud of our attitude and achievements. Whilst Year 2 sat their SATs, we in Year 3 have been practising subtracting 3-digit numbers in hundreds, tens and ones using a blank number line to help keep track of our calculations. This has been quite tricky for us but we think we are getting there. We seem to be fine with addition but find subtracting through hundred numbers a challenge! This is going to help us work out change from £5 or even £10. Let's see how we get on.


On Thursday, we are going to be showing, telling and displaying our projects based on our topic theme 'ITALY'. Mrs Hickman has had a sneak preview at some of them which include; models of Mount Vesuvius, giant maps showing the main Italian cities, Italian menus, photos of children cooking Italian food at home, learning Italian words and phrases, Power Point presentations about Italian Landmarks .... She can't wait to see what else is in store as she loves to witness how inspired you have been!

Summer Term 1 Week 4


We have been writing our own versions of 'Escape from Pompeii' and they sound great! We are also looking at a day in the life of Tranio, a character in the book, to find out what life was like for a child in Ancient Italy.


In Maths, we have been working with money; adding totals and working out change.


In Art, we have been using watercolour paints to create landscapes of Naples. We will be creating postcards later in the week.


In R.E. we explored St Peter's Basilica as a sacred place. We enjoyed looking at the opulent images of inside this huge church and the Vatican Museum. The children were wowed by the inside of the dome and wanted to draw their own interpretations whilst listening to sacred music. We looked at photos of Pope Francis, talked about the role of the pope and his importance to Catholics. The children were blown away by the thousands of people gathered at Vatican City.

Summer Term 1 Week 3


This week, we have been finding out all about Naples. We used photographs, videos and Hickman's tour guide to find out about physical features such as; port, bay, mountain, volcano, castle, palace, piazza etc. Mrs Hickman showed us her holiday photos from Pompeii and Herculaneum. As a class, we are reading 'Escape from Pompeii'. We have magpied some of the super language ready to use in our own version of this historic event.  


Year 3 have been enjoying reading Michael Morpurgo's 'The Butterfly Lion', focusing on understanding the author's use of language.

Year 2 have enjoyed reading the original version of 'A Bear called Paddington' and comparing it to a newer version.

Summer Term 1 Week 2


The class have really enjoyed our English unit based on the book Paddington at the Palace. Sadly, Paddington did not get to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. We took pity on him and wrote a letter to the Queen persuading her to invite Paddington and his friend Mr Gruber to her next garden party.  Guess what? It worked! Paddington received his invitation and what a delighted bear he was! We have had to help Paddington prepare for the garden party by writing him a set of rules e.g.

You may like to buy a smart new coat and hat.

You should bow to the Queen and say 'Your Majesty' or 'Ma'am.'

You must not put marmalade sandwiches under your hat.

We have also helped him to practise speaking the Queen's standard English by not using contractions and using exclamatory sentences to sound really posh e.g.

What wonderful news this is!

What a very lucky bear I am!

How delightful it will be to meet the Queen!

How handsome I shall look in my new coat!

We look forward to writing our own book titled Paddington's day at the Garden Party next week. We wonder if Michael Bond will like our version? Let's wait and see.


In Maths, we have been solving problems involving different units of measure. The children have developed a really good understanding of m/cm/mm, degrees Celsius, Kg and L but are finding working with g and ml more challenging. We will continue to develop skills and understanding through first hand experiences using weighing scales and jugs.  This has been added to the homework sheet this week too.


In Science, we have been exploring with magnets. Most children discovered that not all metals are magnetic and we are beginning to find out how magnets 'attract' and 'repel'. During the class demonstration, some of the children declared 'That's Magic!'. It felt wonderful being a magician for the afternoon.  The children initially assumed that all magnets attracted.


In Topic, we have been having fun solving algebraic style problems using Roman Numerals. We also practised telling the time on a clock with Roman Numerals. We continue to work on our Mosaic tiles creating a symmetrical image.




Summer Term 1 Week 1

I hope you all had a good Easter break. Welcome back.


This week, we have been finishing off our Romans topic. Our new Topic 'All Aboard to Italy' will begin next week. Take a look at our topic map to see what we have in store for the next 4 weeks.


In maths, we have been selecting the correct unit to measure in different situations, including measuring length, weight, temperature and capacity. The children were fantastic at this so we moved onto reading scales by working out the number pattern.


In English, we have been reading and re-telling the Roman Legend of Romulus and Remus. The children continue to use some fantastic words and phrases in their writing to interest the reader!


In Geography, we have been talking about the differences between a village, town and city with a focus on Nether Wallop, Stockbridge and Salisbury. We went on to compare the cities; Salisbury and Rome, identifying similarities and differences, including looking at the weather forecast. The children wrote a descriptive extract of Salisbury for a tourist.


On Monday, we had great fun developing our basketball skills where a few of us (including me) celebrated getting the ball in the net - GET IN!  





Please could parents help children to remember to hand in their homework folder on a Wednesday so new homework can be given out on a Friday? Thank you.  

Please could parents encourage their children to remember to have their homework diary in school every day? This is especially crucial on a Monday when children are tested on their individualised mis-spellings and given new spellings to stick in. This would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Mrs Hickman  

Homework 31st March 2017

Parent Reminders

Class Blog - Week 5


On Friday, we started our sewing projects making Roman purses and bullas. They look fantastic!


This week, we are exploring the Roman Invasion of Britain and preparing to write a Newspaper Report . Once complete, these will be on display in our classroom alongside our Roman soldier.


In Maths, we have been realising how addition can help us with subtraction. We had some lightbulb moments in class this week! This has helped us to work out missing number problems much easier.


On Wednesday, we returned to exploring properties of 3D shape. We built the shapes to help us to count the number of edges (sticks or straws) and vertices (play dough) accurately as we do find this tricky! We compared 3D shapes, identifying what is the same or different.  What is the same about a cube and a cuboid? What is different? What is the same about these pyramids? What is different? Also, which shape is the odd one out? This helps us to develop our reasoning skills.


In RE, we are beginning to look at the key events of Holy Week. We watched a video created by a child using Lego. Mrs Hickman thinks this might inspire us to create some projects of our own. See the Homework Sheet this week for more ideas.   

Class Blog - Week 4

This week in Topic, we are locating Italy and its capital city Rome on a world map, on globes and in atlases.


We are going to look at ancient landmarks of ancient Rome, such as The Colosseum, The Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and The Pantheon and researching about daily life in ancient Rome. To help answer our research questions, we will mainly research in information books and online using the website links below. We also have a selection of artefacts and photographs in our topic box which might give us some clues as to what life was like.


We will then move on to exploring the Roman Invasion of Britain and how life changed for the people living here. I am sure the children will love to discover how life changed for the Iron Age man.  

Life in Ancient Rome Website Links

Class Blog - Week 3

In English, we have been learning about different types of punctuation. We have especially focused on the different uses for an apostrophe. We have been working on our retrieval skills in reading so we are much better at checking and finding the evidence in the text. We have had a go at some SATs practise papers to test how well we can do it.


In Maths, we have been using addition to solve problems and developed our reasoning skills e.g.

True or False? The sum of two even numbers will ALWAYS be even.

True or False? The sum of three odd numbers will ALWAYS be odd.

True or False? If I add two 2-digit numbers, the answer will ALWAYS be even.

This enabled us to practise our adding skills as Mrs Hickman asked us use at least 4 examples to PROVE or DISPROVE the statement.


In Topic work, we have been finding at about Romans, specifically focusing on research skills which include; using an information book efficiently, using key words for internet research, interviewing someone else, visiting a museum etc. The children were really excited to get into the array of Roman topic books displayed in the classroom.


In P.E., we are really enjoying creating different Roman inspired symmetrical shapes with a partner, such as arches and bridges.  


We have been really excited about designing a Roman purse and/or a Roman bulla. We will start making these next week, using sewing skills.

The Romans Topic

Class Blog Spring 2 Week 1

As well as our trip to Stonehenge and Danebury Hillfort, we have had an exciting time in Science planning a fair way to test the permeability of different types of rocks. In RE, we explored the concept of 'Temptation' and shared times in our lives when we have been tempted to make the wrong choice. We watched a video showing the temptations of Jesus in the desert. We thought carefully about how easy/hard this was for Jesus.


The week ahead ...

We will be returning to place value, addition and subtraction in maths.

We will have lots of writing to finish off linked to our topic on Stone Age to Iron Age.

Our reading skill this week will be use of vocabulary where we will be discussing the author's use of language and the effect on the reader. As a class, we love to talk about different word types such as adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, comparatives and superlatives. Some of us are even exploring the use of fronted adverbials. We are getting really good at spotting them in reading and using them in writing to make our work sound great for the reader!


In Science. we will be getting hands on by testing the permeability of rocks.


We will be thinking about what we already know and what we want to find out about our new topic The Romans.


Parent Reminders

World Book Day

Class Blog Tuesday 28th February


Today, we visited the pre-historic site of Stonehenge. We completed a quiz to test our geographical and historical knowledge.


We also visited Danebury Hillfort but unfortunately it was too wet and windy to complete the quiz. Feel free to download the quiz to find out how much your child has learnt about life on an Iron Age hillfort.

Trip to Stonehenge and Danebury Hillfort

Stonehenge and Danebury Quiz

Welcome Back. I hope you had a fun-filled half term and a good rest.

The Week Ahead ...

This week, we conclude our Stone Age to Iron Age topic with a trip to Stonehenge and Danebury Hillfort. We will specifically focus on the Iron Age site of Danebury and finding out what life was like living on an iron age hillfort. I have asked the children to find out more about life in the iron age over half term ready to share in 'Topic Show and Tell' on Monday and we will do some more research.  On Monday, we will follow the route from school to Danebury Hillfort using Google Maps and the children will draw their own maps using OS symbols for landmarks along the route and include a key.

In English, the class will create mini information booklets titled 'The Secrets of Danebury'. We will also be listening to stories with Danebury as the setting which have been created by other local schools then we will create some of our own.


We will begin our Spring 2 Topic on The Romans the following week. Take a look at the Topic Map to find out what we have in store.     


We are absolutely delighted with the quality and creativity of the Stonehenge models which have been coming into school this week. Please take a look below to see how differently the children have approached the task. They are on display in the main school corridor alongside our stone animals. We are going to be writing instructions for our models so others can make them just as good as ours!

The Romans Topic Map

Homework 10th February 2017

Class Blog Spring Term Week 5


This week, we have started making our stone models of animal from the Stone Age. Please look out for them on display in the school once they are completed.


In English, we have been planning and drafting tourist leaflets about Stonehenge, writing sections with sub-headings. We are going to present our leaflets using the 2Publish - Leaflet software on the computer. Again, we have been focussing on our use of language to persuade tourists to visit this mysterious landscape.


In maths, we have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock in 5 minute intervals. We have also been practising finding fractions  of quantities and have realised how handy our x tables and divides are when working in other areas of maths. Next week, we will solve problems and puzzles involving fractions where Mrs Hickman will be encouraging us to explain our reasoning. This shows how much we really understand about fractions. We will also do some orienteering around the school site, following and using the language of position, direction and movement e.g. straight on, left, right, quarter turn/right-angle clockwise/anticlockwise, half turn, whole turn.   


In Science, we designed and carried out a test to find out which rocks would erode the quickest. We discussed lots of different ideas. Many children realised that the rocks needed to move and/or rub together. Emma had the great idea of putting the rocks in rubber gloves with water, tightening the top with an elastic band and shaking them around for the same length of time. This actually worked ! Lots of the children simply rubbed the rocks together to see how much debris came away. It was amazing to see how the sandstone crumble away but disappointing to not to see much from the marble.


Next week in Geography, we will be focusing on the landscape Danebury Hillfort and exploring its use as an Iron Age fort before our trip after half term.  

Class Blog - Spring Term 1 Week 4


This week, we have been enjoying writing stories in a Stone Age setting called Stone Age Boy or  Stone Age Girl. We will write up some examples on here for you to read and enjoy once they are complete. We have tried to make them funny so they will be entertaining! We have tried really hard to achieve our writing targets. Most of us are using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions now. We are great at using time connectives to help us separate writing into paragraphs. We are really being careful in our choice of interesting vocabulary such as: powerful verbs, adverbs, similes, prepositions, comparatives and some of us are even starting sentences in different ways using fronted adverbials with the use of a comma e.g. When she was tired, she snuggled up warm beneath the soft animal fur. Mrs Hickman is very proud of our writing!


In Geography, we have been locating Stonehenge on a map of the UK and learned about counties; especially that Hampshire and Wiltshire are next to each other! We used Google maps to take a look around Stonehenge and we described the surrounding landscape. We wrote fantastic descriptions of the landscape in our topic books. Mrs Hickman was very impressed with our use of prepositions to describe where things were in relation to the stone monument. We have been discussing the recent government proposal to build a tunnel at Stonehenge, thinking deeply about the pros and cons of the development. We read about, and listened to, the views of English Heritage, our local MP John Glen and to several people who oppose the tunnel. Next, we are writing letters to John Glen to express our own views in the hope he will take them to Parliament in London. We need to be quick with our letters though as the public consultation ends on 5th March. Many of us can't decide if we agree to the tunnel or not but we can of course express opinions both for and against in our letters. This will help us to use the language of debate: agree/disagree, one reason, one the one hand, on the other than, however, although. Our letters are going to be very grown up indeed!


The title of 'Best Blogger' has been awarded to Alexa in Year 2 who oozes passion for learning and for our topic. I am sure you will agree! Here is her blog...


This half term we are learning about the Stone Age. I am enjoying the stories and writing all about the Stone Age. I am reading lots of Stone Age themed books. I am writing all about the Stone Age in a report but I have to research first. I am hoping that I will do well for Mrs Hickman so she can put it on display. I think this is my favourite topic  - it might be the best ever! I am asking people in my class lots of questions  about the Stone Age. I absolutely love writing about the Stone Age because it is fun. Writing is very good because it helps me learn. I am even playing Stone Age things at home with my Barbies. I am also painting a picture of a Stone Age cave.


I love P.E. because we are doing football skills.


In Maths, I am doing surveys about pets and doing graphs like block graphs.


I hope you like my blog.


Alexa Walton

Class Blog - Spring Term 1 Week 4


This week I am setting up a class competition. I am asking the children to write this week's class blog in the present continuous tense. This will inform you what we are learning, what we are doing and what we are enjoying in class. The winner will make their blog sound particularly interesting for parents. May the best blogger win! Please watch this space to find out the winner and to read their blog.  

Parent Reminders

Class Blog - Spring 1 Week 3


Our Life in the Stone Age reports are almost complete. They are looking and sounding great, organised into sections with sub-headings. We will type them up and insert images with captions ready to display in the classroom. We have learned so much from each other's research. Mrs Hickman has been very impressed with our homework research and as usual has found out things she never knew! We are finding out even more about Stonehenge and sharing our knowledge in 'Topic Show and Tell'.


In Maths, we have been practising our times tables and using this knowledge to recall division facts. We have also been interpreting data from pictograms, block graphs and bar charts. Mrs Hickman tried to trick us by showing us a pictogram where one picture represented two. We carried out a class pet survey. (Did you know that Mrs Shadwell has two tortoises? Mrs Hickman had four fish who are named after the Ninja Turtles. Sadly one died so now she has three.) We collected this information quickly in a tally chart then presented the data in a chosen way; pictogram, block graph or bar chart. Some of us challenged ourselves by using one picture or block to represent two. We have devised our own questions about our graphs for someone else to answer. Next, we will look at other ways in which data is presented e.g. Venn and Carroll diagrams. We will think of ways to sort 3D shapes and choose the best way to present the data.  


In Science, we have been finding out more about different types of rock and we have been collecting rocks for our display. We now know more names of rocks and how you can tell which is which. We have been thinking about why people in the stone age used flint more than other types of rock. Did you know that the stones at Stonehenge are different types of rock?


In P.E. we have been practising our football skills. We have learnt to control the ball more precisely and pass using the correct part of the foot.

We must remember that the weather is colder so we need warm outdoor P.E. kit such as jogging trousers and sports jacket. Girls with tights should remember to have a spare pair of socks in their P.E. bag. 

Class Blog - Spring 1 Week 2


In our topic time, we have been very busy researching about what life was like in the Stone Age. It is fascinating to learn about how simply they lived and how much they relied on the materials around them for survival.


In story time, we have been enjoying the story UG, Boy Genius of the Stone Age which is laid out like a comic.


In English, we are reading and taking notes to prepare for writing a report about Life in the Stone Age. Our reports will include features of information writing such as; a title, sub-headings, sections, pictures with captions and diagrams. We are looking at examples in information books to help us see what it should look like.


In Science, we ventured out into the school grounds to collect different materials then sorted them into natural / man-made. We have also been looking at different types of rocks and talking about which are natural and which are man-made. We had a great time going on a rock hunt in the school grounds!


In Maths, we have been using our pairs of numbers to make 20 and pairs to make 100 to solve reasoning questions and solve problems. We have had great fun finding all the different ways by following pattern of recording our numbers. Mrs Hickman calls this a systematic approach! We have also been investigating properties of 3D shapes. Sometimes we muddle up the names of the shapes and the properties such as vertices and edges but we are practising a lot. Building the shapes is really helping us to count the vertices and edges because that can be tricky!


Mrs Hickman has been very impressed with how we have settled back after the Christmas break and with how much we are enjoying the topic. She has loved our research about Stonehenge and there are already lots of beautifully presented homework ready to put on display! What a great start.



6th January 2017 Homework

We are very excited about this half term's topic 'Prehistoric Britain'. We will explore what life was like in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and the significant changes through these eras before the Roman Invasion in. (Next half term we will explore Roman Britain.) We will take a trip to Stonehenge, Danebury Hillfort and Andover Museum of the Iron Age which are all part of Wiltshire, our local heritage. Take a look at our topic map below to find out more about what we will learn this half term in Hawks class.

Topic Map Spring Term 1 2017


We hope 2017 is a very successful year for all.

COSTUMES FOR OUR CHRISTMAS PLAY to be brought into school by Friday 9th December. Monday 12th December will be our first dress rehearsal.

Class Blog - Autumn 2 Week 5


Egyptian Day on Wednesday was great fun! We enjoyed mummifying our friends and baking Egyptian bread most of all. ​Everyone looked great in Egyptian costume. Sadly, our camera wasn't working very well when Mrs Hickman tried to take photos of us.


Now our Egyptian topic has come to an end, we are starting to think about our 'Stone Age to Iron Age' topic ready for January.


In English this week, we have been writing Babushka poems for display in school. Mrs Hickman is very impressed with our super use of language. Come in and read them on display in the corridor near our classroom.


In maths, we have been learning more about measuring the capacity of liquids. We were getting our units of measure mixed up but now we are getting used to litres and millilitres. The practical homework that Mrs Hickman asked us to do really helped us to understand capacity better. We are practising our skills interpreting scales then using what we know to solve problems involving capacity.


On Thursday we took our Babushka rehearsal to the stage and we are doing really well remembering our lines and words to the songs. We are looking forward to performing this old Christmas legend to our family and friends.   


Homework 2nd December 2016

Class Blog - Autumn Term 2 Week 4


Rehearsals are now underway for our Christmas performance of Babushka. We are also busy creating Babushka Russian Dolls and poems for our Winter display in the corridor.


In maths, we have been learning all about money; adding totals and choosing combinations of coins to pay. Some of us have been using pairs to make 100 to help work out change from £1. As usual, Mrs Hickman gives us questions presented in different ways so we can practise our reasoning skills. This helps us to show that we really do understand what we are learning. Next week, we move onto capacity and there are lots of practical activities to choose from in our homework to get us ready for our learning.


Next Wednesday is our Egyptian Day so we need to make sure our activities are organised ready to set up on the day. We are very excited to be spending the day in Egyptian costume.    



Class Blog - Autumn Term 2 Week 3 


In English this week we have written a version of the Babushka story. Our use of effective language is superb. We have described the main character using evidence from the text.


In maths, year 2 children have been solving problems involving properties of shape. Year 3 have been solving problems using perimeter and right-angles.


We have been busy rehearsing for the Christmas performance. We now have copies of the script and a letter about the costumes we need will be coming home on Friday. These need to be in school (in a named plastic bag) by Friday 9th December.  



Babushka Performance Letter

Babushka Legend

Class Blog - Autumn Term 1 Week 2 


What a busy week it has been with parents evenings. Mrs Hickman is so very proud of us for working hard.


This week, we continued to enjoy writing Egyptian myths. Our use of language will certainly wow our parents when they read our books. We have started splitting our stories into paragraphs using a temporal (time) connective to start each one.


In Maths, we have been having great fun solving fractions problems and puzzles. We have now moved on to investigating properties of 2D Shapes; number of sides, angles, right-angles, lines of symmetry. Also measuring the perimeter of 2D shapes. Mrs Hickman loves to give us shapes presented in different ways to really make us think and we LOVE the challenge!  


Now we know loads about Egyptians, we are about to start putting together our own Egyptian Information Book. Won't this be such a great thing to keep and look back at when we are older? What a lovely memory to have. We have really enjoyed our Egyptian topic and can't wait for Egyptian Day so we can celebrate our learning.


We have started listening to the songs for our Christmas performance, which this year will be 'Babushka', the legend of an elderly Russian lady who, after an unexpected knock at the door, joins the wise men in their pursuit of the special baby. We are holding auditions shortly for the main acting and singing roles. Year R will create a tableau of the traditional Nativity then join in with the singing whilst Year 1, 2 and 3 entertain their family and friends with this great tale of Babushka. More information will follow shortly.


If you would like to listen to the legend, click on the link below.

Class Blog - Autumn Term 2 Week 1


In maths, we have been busy finding fractions of shapes and quantities. We had great fun thinking of all the different ways to share a chocolate tray bake and a pizza! We are practising recalling multiplication and division facts because we need to recall them quickly and in random order. Further down this page is the multiplication and division challenge sheets for extra practise.   


In English, we have been discussing effective language used in Egyptian Myths and Legends. We are trying really hard to use effective language in our own writing. We are writing a book of 'Myths and Legends of the Desert' to take home and read to our parents.


We are writing instructions for How to make Egyptian Clay Pots to send to Joel Trotter because his class would like to make them after Christmas.


We have been busy planning our Egyptian Day which will take place on Wednesday 30th November. The children have come up with all the ideas for activities and are responsible (in groups of 3) for preparing and setting up one of the activities on the day. This may include collecting or making resources. Take a look at the Egyptian Day Activities sheet below for what we have in store! It would be great if we could all come to school in Egyptian costume on the day.  

Egyptian Day Activities

Egyptian Day Letter


Have a rest, be safe and have fun!


for your commitment to recording your child's reading in their homework diary. There has been a significant improvement in our percentage scores.


Last week from 37% to 60%.

This week from 60% to 64%.


Please keep this up and let's see if we can beat 64%.


Class Blog - Autumn Term 1 Week 7 


The Adventures of Tadeo Jones

This week, we took on the role of Tadeo Jones, an Archaeologist exploring the ancient pyramids at Giza. We gave our audience a commentary of actions in the present continuous tense, as if the adventure was being televised LIVE! Bear Grylls and football commentators are really good at speaking in the present tense (as the action is happening).


In maths, we have been using arrays to help us understand the relationship between multiplication and division. We have been solving 'sharing equally' problems and explaining what we notice. Download/Print the division challenge sheets below to practise your division skills.


Year 2 - 10, 2 and 5

Year 3 - 3 and 4

Challenge - 8


We have started creating Egyptian clay pots. Our designs are amazing! We will decorate them ready to dry out over half term then we can paint them to put on our Egyptians display. 

Homework 20th October and Half Term

Class Blog - Autumn Term 1 Week 6

This week, aliens landed on our school roof! There were different types of aliens in the spaceship; bipods, decapods, pentapods, tripods, quadrapods and even octopods! We could only see 12 legs through the glass on the bottom. We had to work out which aliens could have been in the spaceship. Luckily, these aliens are friendly and have been sent to help us with our maths. Take a look at the alien websites below which will help us with recall of multiplication facts.


In English, we have been working on different skills to improve our writing such as expanding nouns and using conjunctions. Mr Thorne helped us understand and use prepositions in our writing. We have been great sentence surgeons because we made our sentences better.  

Class Blog - Autumn Term 1 Week 5


Joel is Globe Trotter's nephew. He is 8 and lives in London. We have been working together to solve Globe's mysteries and challenges! His teacher has asked him to find books with an Egyptian theme ready for their Egyptian topic after Christmas so he asked us for our help. We decided to tell him all about ​The Scarab's Secret​ ​which is the book we are reading in class at the moment. It is a day in the life of a scarab told from the point of view of the beetle himself. We have been practising retelling the story orally using our picture maps to help us so we can send him videos of ourselves retelling the story. Watch this space for our videos...


In Maths, we have been building arrays to help us work out x table facts we do not know mentally. We are almost ready to have a go at our times tables challenges. We know which x tables we are working on and we can download our challenge sheets here on this website.


In Science, we had great fun labelling ourselves with the scientific names for parts of our skeleton. We sang 'Dem Bones' but we were not allowed to sing 'The head bone's connected to the neck bone' etc... Mrs Hickman made us use the scientific names!    

Class Blog - Autumn Term 1 Week 4


We have been improving our scarab information reports for Mr Globe and Mrs Hickman is really impressed with the results. We have all used sub-headings, sections and a photo. Most of us are showing our skills in our homework too. RESULT! :) Some of us are even creating a glossary of Egyptian words to go with our report.  


In Maths, we have been learning all about measuring length.  

What great fun we had taking part in the Mummy Challenge on Thursday afternoon. We had to work out who would need the least amount of toilet roll when wrapped head to toe as an Egyptian mummy. This involved a lot of team work and we really needed to think about the best way to measure the huge pile of toilet roll. Take a look at our photos below.

The Mummy Challenge!

Class Blog - Autumn Term 1 Week 3
We have been busy writing reports on Scarab Beetles to send to Mr Globe and Joel Trotter. These reports are in the process of being word processed ready to attach to e-mail. We have used sub-headings, written sections of text and some of us have even included a glossary of Egyptian words.
Mr Globe has sent us our next challenge. He has sent us a photo of a piece of jewellery he unearthed this week. We need to find out more about Egyptian jewellery so we can help him out.


In maths, we have mastered the art of subtracting in ones, tens and hundreds. We have used this in a range of real life contexts using money, measuring, weight and capacity.


This week we met Bob, our resident skeleton, who taught us all about bones! We played 'guess the animal' as we looked at photos of animal skeletons. It was great fun!

Class Blog - Autumn Term 1 Week 2 


What fantastic homework research! Mrs Hickman has found out so many new facts about Egypt from Hawks.


This week Mr Globe Trotter sent us our first challenge. It was a photo of a bug. We need to find out what it is and why it was so important to the ancient Egyptians. We also received an e-mail from Mr Globe Trotter's nephew Joel who lives in London. He in Year 3 and has just turned 8. He is learning about Egyptians after Christmas so he is hoping we can tell him a thing or two.


In Maths, we have really got to grips with place value and can now solve problems involving adding 3-digit numbers. Next week, we move on to subtraction. Watch this space to find out about 'The Mummy Challenge' soon to take place in a classroom near you!    

Class BLOG - Autumn Term 1 Week 1


We have been busy settling into life in Hawks and have made a great start. Mrs Hickman is delighted with how we have come back hungry to learn.


We have been finding out all about Egypt and locating it in the world. The class have received an e-mail from an archaeologist (Mr Globe Trotter) from London who is currently excavating in Egypt. We are in the process of planning our response e-mails. He has asked us for our help to solve mysteries and puzzles. We are not too sure what he means yet but we have accepted the challenge. Did you know he has a nephew called Joel who is the same age as us?


Our maths has been quite challenging this week because now we are working with 3-digit numbers. Mrs Hickman asks us to find all the combinations and that can be tricky if you forget to follow a pattern.


Welcome to the start of the new academic year. I hope you have had a fun-filled summer break and are ready for school. I have been busy getting the classroom ready for you and am very excited about our topic on The Egyptians. Please take a look below at our topic map and welcome letter. I can't wait to see you all on Monday.


Mrs Hickman

Hawks Recommended Reading List

Have a fabulous Summer break and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 5 September 2017.