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Welcome to KITES


Class Teacher - Mrs McRobert

Learning Support Assistant - Ms Fletcher

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Week commencing 03.07.17


We had a full week ending with sports day on  Friday 7th July. The weather was hot and sunny and the children enjoyed their team events in the morning and competitive races in the afternoon. Thank you to all who came to support the event. 

Week Commencing 26.06.17

Week Commencing 19.06.17


The children will have lots of opportunities to talk about pirates, ships and feelings this week.


They will be practicing their running and using small apparatus as well as exploring movement in dance.


In Literacy, the children will be finding out facts about pirates, describing pirates and writing a message in a bottle. They will continue to learn new sounds, high frequency and tricky words in their differentiated daily phonics and will be encouraged to apply their learning in reading and writing.


In Mathematics, the children will be estimating in number, sharing pieces of treasure, measuring time in simple ways and revisiting capacity.


The children will continue learning about floating and sinking in The World as they explore properties of materials and will be making boats which will hopefully float.


In Expressive Arts and Design the children will have the opportunity to paint pictures of pirates, explore different ways of printing and will be making seascape pictures. We will also be learning ocean themed songs and using instruments to explore ocean sounds.

We finished off this week with a fantastic trip to Hillier Garden and Arboretum. The children were very excited as they set off from school and enjoyed a full, active and interesting day of activities planned to enrich and extend their learning in many directions. The children particularly enjoyed pond dipping and using bug nets to find bugs in the long grass. I have uploaded photos taken during the day which I hope you will be able to look at with your children. We will be looking at the photographs and using them as a stimulus in our learning next week. 


Kites want to say a BIG thank you to all the parent helpers who helped make the day possible.




Picture 1 Net sweeps - Looking for minibeasts
Picture 2 Net sweeps
Picture 3 Finding bugs
Picture 4 More bugs
Picture 5 New places to try
Picture 6 Small creatures
Picture 7 So exciting!
Picture 8 Finding things
Picture 9 Lots of bugs
Picture 10 spider
Picture 11 Successful hunt
Picture 12
Picture 13 Eucalyptus trees
Picture 14 Eucalyptus leaves
Picture 15 Art in the Garden - Horse and foal
Picture 16 Pond dipping newt
Picture 17 Another newt
Picture 18 More creatures, snails, water boatmen
Picture 19 Pond dipping - leach
Picture 20 Pond Dipping - Newt
Picture 21 The Bee Game - Pollination
Picture 22 All ready for lunch
Picture 23 Picnic
Picture 24 Picnic
Picture 25 All smiles
Picture 26 All refreshed
Picture 27 Break time in the gardens
Picture 28 Friends
Picture 29 Art in the garden - Bats
Picture 30 Art in the garden - pheasants
Picture 31 Bugs under logs
Picture 32 Looking for minibeasts
Picture 33 What have we found?
Picture 34 More bugs in pots
Picture 35 Slugs, beetles and woodlice
Picture 36 Nibbled leaves
Picture 37 Comparing bug pots
Picture 38 Visiting the pond
Picture 39 Gunnera Leaves
Picture 40 The wobbly bridge
Picture 41 Colour pallets
Picture 42 Walking back to catch the coach
Picture 43 End of the day

Week commencing 12.06.17


We hope the children enjoyed their extra long weekend. 


This week we will continue encouraging the children to apply their phonics in reading and writing words and sentences. 


In mathematics, the children have been solving problems involving adding and subtracting money and estimating. They have also practised doubling numbers. In ‘Understanding the World’ the children are learning about buoyancy and sorting objects into sets which ‘float’ and ‘sink’.


With the Rainbow Fish as stimulus, the children have made some amazing glittery fish from CDs.


On Friday, we will go on a welly walk (weather permitting) and will be collecting little things to make ‘sticky strips’ which we will send home with the children on Friday.


Thank you for sending the children with sun hats, cream and water bottles. It is much appreciated!


Finally, well done to all those who completed the home learning this week. The children have brought in some fantastic houses for the Three Little Pigs made from a variety of different materials. I will take photos and post these shortly. 

Week commencing 05.06.17


The children began their new topic Pirates and under the sea after half term by thinking of and making sea creatures and inventing dances to the Aquarium by Charles Camille Saint-Saëns. The children practised their phonics and writing and explored doubling, halving and sharing in number.

The children listed things they thought seeds needed to grow. The children suggested water, soil and sun and we set up a seed growing experiment to try and find out. The children put soil in four pots, gave water to three and put the pots in different locations. One in the cupboard (no light) two in the classroom (one with no water) and one in the freezer and all the children suggested which seeds they thought would grow best and watched and waited.


The Topic letter and web have been sent home but a copy is attached for your information and the home learning dated 09.06.17.

Week commencing 22.05.17

We will bring together elements of our topic ‘Roots, Shoots and Muddy boots’ by planting individual beans and sunflower seedlings in the flower bed and setting up a seed experiment to reinforce the needs of plants. We will also continue to observe and describe changes in the caterpillars in the classroom.

The children will continue their discrete daily phonic input and will be encouraged to apply what they have learnt in their reading and writing. Please ensure that the children learn to spell as well as read any new flashcards which are sent home. Thank you.

Open afternoon

The children hope you can come and play and learn alongside them on Thursday afternoon. Invitations were put in home learning journals. We decided to start the open afternoon a little later than usual to fit in with the rest of the school who also have an open afternoon on Thursday. We hope you can come.


Week commencing 15.05.17


The children had a very busy week. They worked hard on consolidating their learnt sounds in phonics and applying them in their reading and writing. They covered numbers and counting, weighing and measures including time in mathematics.


The children completed their paper mache fruit and vegetables and talked about things which keep them healthy. On Friday the children applied their written instructions to make fruit kebabs and to reinforce the importance of including fresh fruit and vegetables in a healthy diet. 



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Picture 18
Picture 19
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Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
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Picture 32
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Having completed some fantastic home learning projects the children enjoyed their welly walk on Friday morning to look for signs of butterflies and caterpillars in the school grounds. There were shrieks of excitement as nibbled leaves were turned over to reveal lots of little caterpillars. While we did not find lots of butterflies we saw at least two and lots of evidence of minibeast activity including finding snails, spiders and cuckoo spit. 

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Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
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Week Commencing 08.05.17


This week the children will be watching the life cycle of the butterfly as the caterpillars hatch and begin to grow and change in the classroom. They will also be planting sunflower seeds and continuing to observe and describe changes as their broad beans germinate and begin to grow.


In writing the children will be describing the lifecycle of the butterfly and writing about the very hungry caterpillar.


In mathematics, the children will be adding, subtracting and making direct comparisons in weight and length.


The children will be making a paper mache fruit or vegetable on the theme of healthy eating and making beautiful butterflies in Expressive Arts and Design.


The children will continue working on applying their daily phonics in reading and writing.


The children will round of their busy week with a Welly walk looking for change in living things and will be matching leaves in the school grounds. 

New Grass - Where oh where has all the mud gone? 


The children were very excited to be able to play on the new miracle grass which grew very quickly over the course of two days! 


Kites class are very happy to have a new ground cover to enable them to use the outdoor area fully in all weathers now. They were very intrigued to watch the process as the ground was made level, sand was compacted and a layer of artificial grass was laid over what had to date been a very changeable surface depending on the weather and so muddy at times access was restricted. We are grateful to the governors for making the outdoor surfacing a priority at this time. Thank you from Kites class!

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Week Commencing 31.04.17


This week we will be moving into reading, role play and retelling the story of Jack and The Beanstalk and we will be looking more closely at the changes in the life-cycle of the Butterfly. The weekly challenges and enhancements will be linked to these. The children will also be making fruit and vegetables out of paper mache as they  continue to think about healthy eating and will be planting sunflower seeds in school. 


Phonics The children will continue to develop their confidence in using and applying Phase 2  and Phase 3 sounds when reading and spelling and will continue learning high frequency and tricky words and how to put everything together when writing words, captions and sentences. 


Writing The children will be writing about the life-cycle of a butterfly and will begin writing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk this week.


Mathematics Following on from the home learning task this weekend, the children will be exploring capacity and number this week.


Please continue to read at home daily if possible. We only scored 40% in the school weekly reading challenge last week. The weekly school reading challenge is simply to read three times or more at home in a week. Last week also included the two week Easter holiday break which means that in three weeks only 40% of children read at least three times at home.  The benefit of reading frequently at home is profound and your support in this area are greatly appreciated. Let's aim to improve our class weekly reading score every week this term! Kites are just setting out on their reading journey and need the most support! The children will benefit greatly from reading at home frequently and Kites may even stand a chance of scoring the highest in the school weekly reading challenge!


Image result for children reading with parents 


Week Commencing 24.04.17


Welcome back after the Easter Holiday. We hope you all had a restful break and look forward to working with the children this half term. As we move into the growing season we start our new topic Roots, Shoots and Muddy Boots. As the name suggests the topic is all about growth in plants, we continue life-cycles and join Jack on his exciting adventure up the beanstalk. Attached is a copy of the Curriculum letter and topic web sent home at the end of last week. 


We will be assessing the children against their 17 early Learning Goals in June toward the end of the summer term. Please continue to support your children in their prime areas (Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development) and in reading, writing and exploring counting, number concepts and shape space and measures at home. Thank you. 


If you have any questions about your child's progress or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.





07.04.17 - Paws, Claws and Whiskers


We rounded off our exciting topic Paws, Claws and Whiskers last term with visits from two very young tortoises owned by Mrs Shadwell, two slightly older tortoises owned by Mrs Evans and a visit from Rob, a dog warden Rob for Test Valley Borough Council and his very friendly dog. Kites Class were very fortunate to have had so many wonderful pets visit the class this year. Thank you to all the kind and generous people who brought their lovely pets to meet the class. 

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Week Commencing 03.04.17


Kites have another full week ahead. As it is the last week before the Easter Holiday we will draw together all the elements we have been looking at in our topic Paws, Claws and Whiskers. We hope the children will consolidate and apply what they have been learning in phonics. The children will continue reading in school and hopefully at home! In writing they will be retelling and writing a short version of The Gingerbread Man and will be putting together their group versions of Dear Zoo. In mathematics the children will be counting and comparing numbers and will be adding and subtracting using concrete objects.


Open Afternoon

Kites have an open afternoon on Thursday 6th April. You are warmly invited to join your children in their child initiated learning between 13.30 - 15.00. There will be weekly challenges available to complete and Easter themed activities for those who wish to participate. Refreshments will be available in the community room from 15.00 in order to give the children time to focus on their home time routine. They will be ready for collection from 15.15 in the playground as usual or can travel on the bus as normal. 


We hope you can come!


From Kites Class :)

Week commencing 20.03.17

The children began their theme of life cycles this week by looking at the life cycle of the frog.

The children have discussed and sequenced changes in the life cycle of the frog and have written about these changes in their own frog life cycle book.


In Mathematics the children are exploring one less and one more using concrete objects and they have been practising counting and recognising numbers to 10 and 20.



Butterflies: Focus sounds this week include sh, ch and ar. The children will also be reading and writing words and sentences containing PH2 and 3 HFW and TW.

Ladybirds: Focus sounds this week include air, ear, ure. The children will also be reading and writing words and sentences containing PH2 and 3 HFW and TW.

Dragonflies are revisiting all PH3 HFW and TW. They will also be learning to read and write PH4 HFW: went, from, just, help and PH4 TW: one, when, out, what. They will also practise reading and writing CCVC words and writing sentences.


The New author this week is Eric Carle who explores the theme of life cycles effectively in the Tiny Seed and The Very Hungry caterpillar which we will be reading to the children.


The children are lucky to have a hamster visiting the class on Thursday this week.

Week Commencing 13.03.17

The children had a really good week taking cuddly pets to the Vet in the class role play area. On Friday the children were animal detectives and went on a Welly walk to look for clues about what sort of animals might live or visit the school grounds. The highlight of the week was a visit from Penny the Beagle. The children enjoyed looking at and hearing about the things her owners need to do to help keep her safe and well. 


A BIG thank you from the class  for bringing Penny in to visit. 



Meeting Penny the dog

Meeting Penny the dog 1 Meeting Penny
Meeting Penny the dog 2 Talking to the class about how to look after Penny
Meeting Penny the dog 3 The dog brush
Meeting Penny the dog 4
Week Commencing 06.03.17

The children are learning about pets this week. They are talking about their own pets and meeting Ms Fletcher’s two guinea pigs. The children identified characteristics of mammals last week and will be finding out about birds and fish this week. They will also be sorting animals according to their own criteria.


The children have written about their pets and the visiting guinea pigs.


Butterflies are learning to read and write words containing ow, oi and ear. They will practise reading and writing HFW with, see, for, now and TW she, we, me, was.

Ladybirds are learning to read and write words containing er, oa, igh and will be reading and writing HFW: that, this, them, then and TW: was, you, all, they.

Dragonflies are consolidating all PH3 sounds and applying these to read and write all PH3 HFW and will be reading and writing all PH3 TW.


Kites will continue counting, reading, comparing and ordering numbers to 10/20. They will make direct comparisons in length and develop mathematical vocabulary relating to length.


We hope to take the children on another Welly Walk at the end of this week. A big thank you to all who have sent welly boots into school. While we have some spares we would be grateful if all children can have their own pair of named welly boots in school. Thank you!


Mrs McRobert and Ms Fletcher

Week Commencing 27.02.17

We hope everyone enjoyed a happy, restful half term.


Our topic title is ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’ and is all about animals. We will start by looking at pets this week and learning facts about mammals. I will attach a curriculum letter and topic web later this week with more information.


This week the children have talked and written about a special event at half term. They will be writing clues to identify cats and dogs and also writing lists of animals they would like on their farm in their ‘Play and Learn’ time.



Butterflies are covering PH3 sounds: ar, or and ur and reading and spelling all PH2 HFW. They will be reading and writing CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) and TW: me, be, was.

Ladybirds are covering PH3 sounds: ear, air, ure and reading and writing all PH2 HFW and PH3 TW you, they, all, are.

Dragonflies will be revising all PH2/3 sounds. They will practise applying these sounds to read and write CVC words and CVCC words and will be learning to read and write PH3 TW he, she, we, me, be.


In Number the children will practise counting, recognising and ordering numbers. They will revise doubling numbers and will be learning about halving and sharing numbers.


Please ensure your child has a coat and named welly boots in school. Thank you!


Mrs McRobert and Ms Fletcher





WC: 13.02.17


The children will be reviewing their learning in themes covered this half term including Winter, Chinese New Year and Land of the Dinosaurs.

We will be taking the children on a 'Welly Walk' around the school grounds to look for the first signs of spring which are beginning to appear now. The children will also be reviewing and bringing together their learning on the theme of dinosaurs which has been enjoyed very much.


Literacy (Reading / Writing)

The children will continue reading in school. Please listen to your child read at home as this supports them to make better progress. Please encourage and support mark making and letter formation at home too.



In phonics Butterflies are learning to read and write words with oo, or and ar.

Ladybirds will be learning to read and write words containing oi, ear and air.

Dragonflies will consolidate reading and writing words containing or, ow and oi.

All groups will be learning to read and write Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky words and will be encouraged to apply their developing phonetic knowledge in reading and writing.


Mathematics (Number/Shape, Space and Measures) 

The children will practise number recognition, ordering and counting, They will also be learning about doubling numbers using concrete objects.


Open afternoon

On Wednesday parents are invited to join their children in their ‘Child Initiated Learning’ any time from 13.45 to 15.00. At 14.45 we plan to gather the children to watch their model volcano erupt. We hope you can come and join us.

WC: 06.02.17

WC: 30.01.17

The children will continue learning about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated this week.

Our traditional tale this half term is the three Billy Goats Gruff. The children will help sequence main events in the story, plan a story map and explore ways of constructing bridges using Lego, Duplo and reclaimed materials.

The children will continue learning about dinosaurs including what they ate and about their habitats.

We will also be exploring and sorting materials which are magnetic.



In daily phonic work the children will continue to learn and consolidate PH2 and PH3 sounds and be supported to apply these in their reading and writing. The children will also continue to learn to read and spell PH2 and PH3 HFW and TW.



The children will be writing about Chinese New Year, generating rhyming strings and using these to write captions and sentences. They will also assist writing labels to display around the classroom.



Learning about money will be introduced through supported role-play in the Chinese Class Restaurant and Kites Snack bar open every morning from 10am.


Important Reminders

  • PE is on a Monday and Thursday afternoon.
  • Library book exchange takes place on a Wednesday afternoon.
  • Home Learning tasks are normally set on a Friday and returned the following Wednesday.
  • Tuckshop is on a Monday and Thursday. Please send tuck money in a named envelope. Thank you.
  • Please can all children wear a coat to school every day and keep a pair of named Welly boots in school.
  • Please listen to your child read at least three times at home so we can include them in the whole school weekly reading challenge.


Thank you!



Week Commencing 09.01.17


We will continue our introductory topic focus 'Let it snow' by observing changes in the environment on a winter walk around the school grounds. Our walk will also provide our stimulus for writing. We plan to enjoy tasting flavoured ice cubes at snack time on Monday and will conclude our experiment to see what happened to cups of water that we put in very cold places including the outdoor classroom and the school freezer.


In Phonics Butterflies and Ladybirds will be learning to read and write letters, words and sentences containing j, v, w and x and learning phase 2/3 tricky words. Dragonflies will be covering 'oo', 'ar', 'or' and 'ow' and learning to read and write new Phase 3 tricky words. 


In Number the children will be counting, recognising numbers, practising number formation and adding sets of objects this week.


We will send further information on our main topic 'Land of the Dinosaurs' at the end of the week. 


Please try and listen to your child read at least three times this week so we have a better chance of winning the class reading challenge. Thank you! 

Week commencing 02.01.17


The children returned refreshed and have settled quickly back into school routines and learning. 


Thank you to all who brought in and talked their 'Treasure Boxes' which were set as a home learning project during the Christmas holiday. If anyone did not have time but would still like to make one and bring it into school we will make time for children to show their box and talk about the contents and why they are important to them. 

Week Beginning 12.12.16


Time has flown and we are beginning the last week before the Christmas holiday. The children will have their dress rehearsal on Monday, performances of Babushka on Tuesday and Wednesday and Carols around the Tree at 2pm on Friday.


As well as lots of Christmas themed activities covering several Areas of Learning, the children will continue their learning in phonics and Mathematics. In phonics the children will be reinforcing, consolidating and applying phase 2 sounds to read and spell words and Dragonflies will be learning to read and write new digraphs 'ar' and 'or' and trigraph 'igh'. We will be working on number recognition, formation and counting in Number and the children will be naming, describing and wrapping 3D shapes in Shape, Space and Measures. 


We hope you will be able to join us at one or more of the events this week!



Week Beginning 05.12.16


The week came and went very quickly and was filled with child initiated learning supported by adults and small group work and interventions in Prime Areas (Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development) and Specific Areas (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design). The children also began practising their Christmas nativity in earnest and ended the week with a Jolly Christmas Jumper day and a special Christmas lunch!

Christmas Lunch and Jolly Christmas Jumpers!

Week Beginning 28.11.16


This week is the beginning of advent and we will begin learning songs for our Nativity play which will set the scene for the story of Babushka. The story of Babushka will then be performed by children in KS1/2. All children have been allocated parts and a letter will be sent home on Monday with details of parts, costumes and performance dates and times. We have some costumes in school which people are welcome to borrow but you are very welcome to provide your own. 



As well as beginning to learn songs for the Nativity Play and rehearsing, the children will continue to engage in all areas of their learning. Enhancements to provision, group work and small group interventions are planned to develop the prime areas and specific areas of learning.


On a practical level the children will be completing their display about Cinderella, making stars using triangles, thinking about healthy choices of food when making vegetable soup and considering changing materials through cooking and making playdough.


In Mathematics the children will continue to think about and measure 'time' in simple ways. They will be counting, identifying numbers, comparing sets and recognising numbers which are one more than a given number.


In phonics all children will be covering phase 2 sounds,HFW and TW and some children will be learning new phase 3 digraphs: ng, ai, ee, and will begin learning phase 3 HFW and TW. 


We will participate in the school reading challenge to see which class has the highest percentage of children reading three or more times a week. We value your support in this. 




Week Commencing 21.11.16


This week the children have been learning about sharing, caring and respecting others and their environment. They have been learning about 'Time' in Mathematics through discussing and sequencing events in their day, measuring time in simple ways and learning to name and order days of the week.


In phonics all children have been consolidating phase 2 sounds, HFW and TW and Dragonflies have also been learning new digraphs ch, sh and th. The children are all practising oral blending, segmenting and learning to apply their sounds more confidently to read and write simple words.


We have noticed an increased interest in writing this week which is fantastic! Please encourage your child to write at home. We would like the children to write in the cursive script but we are also very happy to encourage print if the children feel more confident and motivated to write! We will naturally support the children toward correct letter formation as they develop as writers. Please just ask if you would like another letter formation sheet to help develop correct letter formation. 


The children are working on their display of 'Cinderella' and will also begin learning songs for our Christmas Nativity on Friday this week.


Well done to everyone who has completed and returned home learning projects to date. Please continue to read daily if possible and at least three times a week so Kites have a chance of winning the weekly reading challenge in school. The winner of the Weekly Reading Challenge is the class with most children who have been heard read at home at least three times a week! Thank you in anticipation!

Writing table 23.11.16

Writing table 23.11.16 1
Writing table 23.11.16 2

In Kites this week the children will continue their learning around the theme of Superheroes. We will continue developing our new 'traditional tale' of 'Cinderella' through discussion and role play. With autumn firmly established we will be planting bulbs this week and making leaf prints and pictures.


In Phonics all children will continue learning Phase 2 sounds, HFW and TW and some children will be learning new sounds: y, z, zz and qu. All children will be practising blending to read and segmenting to spell simple words. 


In Mathematics the children will continue numbers and counting and making direct comparisons in length. They will also begin making direct comparisons in weight.


With only about 3 weeks until the Nativity Play we will begin learning songs the children will be singing. Letters with further details will be sent soon. 


As the weather is very changeable please ensure your children have a named coat and welly boots. Thank you! 


Week Commencing 07.11.16


This week will start with a bang as we think about Bonfire Night. Why do people light bonfires and set off fireworks on or close to November 5th? We will take a brief look at events a very long time ago in the 'The Gunpowder Plot' and will use it as a stimulus to make rockets out of cylinders and firework pictures using mixed media in Expressive Art and Design. 


In Phonics this week 'Butterflies' will be practising blending and segmenting words with phonemes m, d and h and reading and spelling Phase 2 High Frequency and Tricky Words. 'Dragonflies' will be learning to read and write letters j, v, w and x and practising blending to read and segmenting to spell Phase 2 High Frequency and Tricky Words. 


We will continue collecting stickers for Superhero challenges completed and will award certificates and prizes for children who fill their challenge sheet. 


As the weather is becoming more inclement please send your child with a named coat and pair of welly boots. Thank you!


Parent evenings are on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. If you have not already booked an appointment online please do!


We look forward to seeing you and your children this week! 

Welcome back to all children, parents and carers! We hope you have all had a very restful and enjoyable half term holiday.



As you are aware Miss Moral is now on maternity leave and we welcome Ms Fletcher who will be working with Kites Class while Miss Moral is on leave. Ms Fletcher has had considerable experience working in Early years and is very much looking forward to meeting everyone and working with the children this week. Ms Fletcher has written a brief letter of introduction which it attached.  

A letter of introduction

Our topic this half term is 'Superheroes' which has been much enjoyed by children in previous years. If you have any superhero figures, games, books or images which you would be happy to donate to a topic box or loan for a short period we would be very grateful. I have attached a topic web and letter for your information. 

Week commencing 31.10.16


We begin our new topic 'Superheroes' this week by designing our own superheroes, making superhero vehicles out of reclaimed materials and challenging our own super powers in all areas of our learning. Our 'sparkly starter' will arrive unexpectedly in the form of a letter asking for help this week. In phonics we will be reinforcing and consolidating phase 2 sounds, reading, spelling and writing CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant e.g. cat, dog, man) and practising letter formation. We will be estimating, counting, comparing numbers and naming and describing properties of 2 and 3D shapes in Mathematics. We value your continued support in listening to your children read at home and practising High Frequency and Tricky Words.

Week commencing 17.10.16


Welcome back for the last week before the first half term holiday in Kites! 


Last week the children particularly enjoyed 'smelly pots' in class and 'smelly socks' on a washing line. They enjoyed trying out new and wonderful hairstyles (see photographs below). They harvested tomatoes (photo), made autumn leaf crowns (photo) and loved making clay hedgehogs.  Children who had previously attended Wallop Pre-School also enjoyed a visit from their pre-school teachers who came to say 'Hello' and see how the children had settled (photos). 

This week we will bring together elements of our topic 'Amazing me'. We will be talking about how to care for my body including health and hygiene and thinking about things we are particularly good at. We will also identify different emotions and talk about appropriate ways to show our emotions.    


In phonics we will be learning new sounds h, b, f/ff and l/ll and will practise blending for reading and segmenting for spelling. We will continue learning to read high frequency words (HFW) and tricky words (TW) which will be tested and added to as required. 


The children will continue developing fine motor skills through threading, pegging and playdough activities and developing pencil control through drawing, pattern making and practising letter and number formation.  

Please continue to read at home daily and practise reading and writing high frequency and tricky words. It really makes a BIG difference! 

Week Commencing 10.10.16


We hope you had a good weekend and managed to enjoy an 'Autumn' walk.


The children worked well last week and enjoyed an exciting Disney day on Thursday. I have added some photographs taken at the beginning of the day.


In school this week we will be adding a digging box and a large sand tray to the outdoor area.


In phonics we will be covering new sounds: e, u, r and consolidating ck. We will be reading and spelling high frequency words (HFW) including an, at, in, it. We will begin to introduce reading and spelling tricky words (TW): I, to, no. 


The children will try to identify different smells in 'smelly pots' and decide which smells they like and don't like!  


We will continue to think about environmental changes in autumn as the children make leaf crowns and identify animals which start preparing to hibernate in winter. The children will also be invited to make clay hedgehogs toward the end of the week. 


Please continue to read daily with your children if possible and include the High Frequency Words sent home on Friday.Please return reading books and High Frequency Words to school every day please. Thank you!  


We hope to check bags daily for extra book changes but I will also the 'Speedy Reader Box' where children can put their reading packet if more frequent changes are desired.  


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Kites on an 'Autumn Scavenger Hunt' in the school grounds (04.10.16)

Kites on an 'Autumn Scavenger Hunt' in the school grounds (04.10.16) 1
Kites on an 'Autumn Scavenger Hunt' in the school grounds (04.10.16) 2
Picture 1 Disney Day (06.10.16)
Picture 2 Disney Day (06.10.16)
Picture 3 Disney Day (06.10.16)
Picture 4 Disney Day (06.10.16)
Picture 5 Disney Day (06.10.16)

Week Commencing: 03.10.16


We hope you have enjoyed a sunny weekend!


In school this week the children will be making texture boards, ordering numbers, finding out about money and covering o, c, k and ck in phonics 


The children will continue to practise writing their names and will be encouraged to participate in writing and mark making at every opportunity.


We will talk about the four seasons toward the end of the week and plan to take the children on a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn. 


If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to be in touch.


Mrs McRobert

Week Commencing 26.09.16


The children enjoyed tasting fruit last week. This week we will be exploring the sense of 'touch', sight and hearing. We will be making yummy food on paper plates in the Creative Area and we will be finding out about capacity in 'Shape, Space and Measures. We will continue to explore number and counting in every day contexts through the week and will introduce new sounds including m, d, g and o in phonics. The children will be encouraged to write healthy shopping lists, make small number books and consider how dinosaurs lived a long time ago through 'Small World' imaginative play. 



The children have shared ideas and collectively come up with a set of 'Class Promises' to help keep everyone safe and happy in school. I have attached a copy of the promises the children helped put together for your information. smiley  
Thank you to all who came to the short 'Meet the teacher' meeting. The main aim of the meeting was to give opportunity for parents and carers to ask questions and to clarify any school related issues. I prepared a few slides on 'Power Point' which were shared, and as suggested, I have attached the discussion slides for your information.  Mrs McRobert 

Week Commencing 19.09.16


The children have continued to settle well in school and are becoming more familiar with expectations and routines. This week we are concentrating on helping the children to share, take turns and listen to each other.


The children are continuing phase 1 phonics but also beginning to learn phase 2 sounds. I have attached a sound sheet for your information.

The children will be counting and using shapes in maths and learning about things which help us grow and stay healthy including food. We will begin thinking about our senses toward the end of the week beginning with taste.




Phase 2 sound mat

Picture 1 Working together in the Construction Area
Picture 2 Shooting numbers with water pistols
Picture 3 Comparing height with sunflowers
Picture 4 Sensory play with sand
Picture 5 Exploring sand and water
Picture 6 Making tall towers
Picture 7 Creative Area - Collage
Picture 8 Creative Area - Collage
Picture 9 Creative Area - Collage
Picture 10 Creative Area - Collage

Welcome to Kites Class!


It has been a full first week with lots of new things to learn and places to visit in school. The children have been amazing and have already made great strides in settling. Thank you for supporting them so well in what is a very big step for children, who, previous to starting school, have all had different experiences of attending preschool settings. 


Next week the children will be encouraged to participate in small group structured learning as well as learning through supported child initiated 'Play and Learn' sessions. 


We have attached a curriculum letter and topic web for the Autumn Term 1 for your information.


Our focus 'sounds' next week will be 'a' and 't'. We will be counting and recognising numbers and beginning to find out about our amazing bodies.





Have a fabulous Summer break and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 5 September 2017.