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Owls Yr 3/4

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Welcome to Owls


Class Teacher - Mr Kingshott

(Mrs Backhouse teaches Owls Class one day a week)

Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Pickering



Class Blog 23/06/17


We have had a very warm but varied and exciting week! We have learnt about the properties of 3d shape, whilst also learning about local habitats on our trip to a local nature reserve. A very well done too, to the children who represented our school for the athletics tournament on Monday. In maths we have all developed our understanding of time. In English, we have been writing some outstanding non-chronological reports about the Ancient Greeks. Well done to all the children in Owls class. Please take a look at some of the great learning that has taken place, in the photographs below.

Summer Two


Thank you to all parents who supported their children with the brilliant homework projects that were brought in. The projects were fantastic, as always. The next set of homework projects to be completed, will be used to create a large display about the Ancient Greeks!


The children are now entering their final half term of learning before moving up to the next year group. They are all trying so hard and they are making great progress in their learning. I am delighted to introduce our final topic of the academic year "Ancient Greece". This is a fantastic topic in which the learning can go in various directions. This is because there are so many things to learn about Ancient Greek life!


Later on in the term, we will be having a Greek day, when the children will be able to go back in time and dress up as somebody from Ancient Greece. The parents will be invited in at some point on this day. Information about this day and this term's homework, will be made available soon! Please find below, a curriculum map for the topic, Greek costume guidance and some useful websites.

Many thanks

Mr Kingshott

Curriculum Map - Ancient Greece

Greek Day Costume Guidance

Summer Term

A great first week back at school after the Easter break. Please find information about the term ahead below.

Class Blog wb 15th May 2017


With Mr Kingshott out with Eagles Class on residential this week, we have been celebrating National Vegetarian week, with a unit to design a Greek salad.


We looked at different salads from across the world, as well as learnt how to chop vegetables safely, using the claw and bridge hold as well as grating.


We then sampled some Greek produce - tzatziki, houmous, olives and feta cheese - the cheese was quite a hit.


On Tuesday, we then designed and made our salads, see the photographs below.


We have also looked at rocks and fossils.


In maths we have been multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and writing instructions to be able to make our salads.


Class Blog  12 / 05 / 17

We have produced some excellent pieces of persuasive writing in the last few weeks. I am really proud of the work that they have done. The writing is fantastic so well done children! In maths we have been learning about multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100. The children have learnt that the decimal point always stays in the same place, whilst the digits move to the left or right.


Next week (week beg - 15 / 05 / 17), I am going on the year 6 residential with the year 6 children (Monday to Friday). Mr Lambert and Mrs Backhouse will be looking after the class whilst I am away. The children will be completing a design and technology unit relating to healthy Greek salads. We have been learning about present day Greece and in particular Santorini. They will get a taste of what it is like to eat in present day Greece and Santorini! The children will also complete some instructions of how to make Greek salads, with any maths related to decimals. They will be having a science day on Wednesday relating to rocks and fossils. I look forward to being back in Owls class the following week!


Best wishes

Mr Kingshott

Spring Term


This half term our topic is 'Natural Disasters'


You can see our parents information on the term ahead below.

Class Blog 07 / 04 / 2017


This week we really enjoyed our trip to the Winchester Science Museum. There are some photographs of our exciting day below. We are coming to the end of our topic about natural disasters. We have all really enjoyed the topic and the children have produced some outstanding pieces of work. Well done children. Thank you to all parents who supported their children with the topic including making some absolutely brilliant homework projects! Next term our topic will be called "Going Places". We will learn about Wallop, holiday destinations, areas of the world and present day Greece before going back in time to "Ancient Greece"! More information about this, including a curriculum map will appear here soon.

Have a very happy Easter.

Many thanks

Mr Kingshott and the team.

Class Blog 24/03/17

Wow! What a productive couple of weeks we have had! We have now completed our Non-Chronological reports about natural disasters. The finished outcomes look amazing! We are all increasing our understanding of fractions and some of us have even been learning about fraction / decimal equivalents! In the build up to our school trip at the Winchester Science Museum on Monday 3rd April, we will be learning about sound and vibrations. On our trip, we will have the opportunity to take part in a "Sounds Interesting" workshop, see sounds, whilst also visiting the awesome museum planetarium. Certainly a day to look forward to! In English we will be continuing with our theme of "Disaster" but with a post-apocalyptic twist. Using the animation "Ruin" by Wes Ball, the children will be writing about a futuristic disaster, not yet discovered!  In maths we will be continuing our learning about fractions. I hope that you are all getting on okay with your homework projects. Please feel free to start bringing these in to display in the classroom from Monday if you wish. You do have one more week to complete them though, if need be! In the meantime, please take a look at the website below, to improve your knowledge of sound.  

Best wishes

Mr. Kingshott

Class Blog 10/03/17


The year four children from Owls class were very fortunate to experience a great learning opportunity at Test Valley school this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning drama techniques (in a real drama studio!), producing a music Samba performance and making clay fish! We have also completed our earthquake disaster stories and instructions for surviving an earthquake. Over the next few weeks, we will be planning and writing a non-chronological report about various natural disasters. In maths we will be learning to multiply and divide. Remember to keep up with your reading and spellings practice! Many thanks!

Mr Kingshott

Arts Master Class At Test Valley!

Roller Coaster Drama!

Still image for this video

Class Blog 03/03/17


A really good first week back. We are currently writing our very own disaster stories called "Earthquake"! These are already looking great! As well as this, we are also learning about how earthquakes happen, where they occur in the world and the consequences. In maths we are learning to add and subtract 1000 from various numbers. We will soon move onto learning about multiplication using the column method. In science we are learning about sound. Please find attached below the homework for the remainder of this term. Please continue with the excellent reading going on at home, spellings practice and times tables.


Many thanks

Take a look at the link below to help you with your maths skills!

Class Blog 10 / 02 / 17


I can't quite believe that we are in the final week before half term! The children are making great progress in their learning. In our English lessons next week, the children will be planning and writing a diary entry. They will be writing in role as Annie from the story "Storm" about her adventures with a Ghost Horse! We will continue to learn about telling the time in maths. The children will learn for example that 20 minutes after 08:45 is not 08:65 but 09:05! The children will also be learning to convert between minutes, hours, days and seconds.


This week will be our final session of swimming. After half term, PE will take place on a Thursday and Friday afternoon. We also have a school trip planned just before the Easter holidays. A letter will be sent home soon, to explain the details. There will not be any homework over the half term break. If the children do find themselves with any spare moments, I would encourage them to have a look at web links below, to help them deepen their knowledge of natural disasters.

Class Blog 02/02/2017


In English we are continuing our learning based on the book "Storm". Next week, we will be writing informal letters in role as Annie from the story. In maths we will finish off our learning about area and perimeter before learning about time, in particular - the 24 hour clock. We continue to get high reading percentage scores for reading 3 times a week. This is showing in the children too as they are making rapid progress with their reading. Many thanks to parents who are helping and supporting with this at home. It is making a massive difference! The support from parents is great and much appreciated! Our topic about natural disasters continues and we will soon start learning about earthquakes! In English, after reading the book "Storm", the children will eventually write their own story "earthquake". Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kingshott

Class Blog 20/01/17


We have had a really good first few weeks back. Well done! We have completed our explanation texts, explaining why a volcano erupts. They look great! We are now moving onto reading the story "Storm" by Kevin Crossley-Holland. The children will eventually write their own story called "Earthquake". In maths the children will move onto learning about time. If you get any chance to practise telling the time at home, to the nearest 5 minutes and to the nearest minute, this would really help! Many thanks.  

We have been learning to understand the difference between continents and countries!

Curriculum Map Autumn One and Two

Class Blog Weeks 4 and 5


We have been busy rehearsing for the Christmas play, making Christmas hoops and making Viking Clay Pots as well! In maths we are continuing to learn about fractions. In English we are completing our learning related to the story "Beowulf". We will be moving onto learn about writing instructions in the final few weeks. The children are doing a brilliant job at keeping the classroom tidy, reading at home and working hard. Well done Owls!

Art, Design and Technology


Owls class designing and making Viking Clay Pots!

Class Blog Autumn 2 Week 3


A HUGE WELL DONE! 75% home reading percentage this week. Keep this going! We are continuing to learn about fractions in maths. Our Beowulf stories are now complete. We will be moving onto planning and writing our own story called "Beowulf and Grendel's Mother!" in the next couple of weeks. 

Well done Owls! Keep working hard!

Homework Help


Using the numbers in the grid, find as many members as you can


Sets with four members

Odd numbers - 3, 13, 17, 119

Even numbers - 2, 36, 56, 136

Multiples of 3 - 3, 39, 36, 27

Square numbers - 36, 49, 64, 121

Class Blog Autumn 2 Week 2


Firstly, our reading percentage has been so much better. The reading going on at home is having a significant impact on progress and learning in class. Well done! This week we have been busy learning the Beowulf story, completing our story maps ready to retell it in our writing in week 3. We have been learning about multiplication and division, soon to be moving onto fractions. Keep working hard! 

Class Blog Autumn 2 Week 1


Well done Owls class. A really good first week back at school. In maths, the children have been learning about subtraction before moving onto multiplication next week. Having completed lots of non-fiction work in English before half term, the children are now moving onto to studying the childrens version of the Anglo-Saxon story "Beowulf" by Michael Morpurgo. This is a myths and legends story told many times over. The writing children do, will be based on this text over the next few weeks. In science, we will be learning about electricity. 

Homework Tips This Week

Homework this week is a maths challenge. Please don't worry or stress about finding the "right" answer. As long as you have a go, then good investigative learning will take place. The learning is generated by the thinking and investigating that takes place. You can give a shape a value between 0-12 and try it out to see if the same values could be used in a different combination.  

Homework Help:

Shape Times Shape

The square represents: 2, because 3x3x3 is 27 which is over 12 and if you do 1x1x1 it will equal 1 and the answer is not the 1.

The semi-circle represents: 8, because 2x2x2 is 8.

The rectangle represents: 3, because 3x3 is 9 and it can't be 2x2 because the square is already 2. It can't be 4x4 because the answer is over 12 and it can't be 1x1 because the answer would be the same.

The oval represents: 4, because the square is 2 and the answer is 8 so that means it has to be 4 because 2x4 is 8.


If you know what the shapes values are above, this will enable you to work out the value of other shapes. 

Well Done!


A great first half term for all the children in Owls Class! No homework in books to complete over the half term. Have a well earned break! However, please spend any spare moments practising the times table that you are working on and lots of reading! Please find below some example questions that parents could ask when the children are reading. Asking these sorts of questions will really develop their ability to understand the text more deeply. I hope that you all have a lovely half term break. 

Many thanks.

Mr Kingshott

Questions to ask when children are reading

Final Week Before Half Term


Time has certainly gone very quickly! Last week the children completed some great non-chronological reports about the Anglo-Saxons. Some photographs of their final outcomes will appear here soon. This week the children will be planning and writing their own newspaper report about the Vikings attack on Lindisfarne. In maths the children have been learning about shape, area and perimeter. In the final week, we will be learning to use an efficient method to add numbers including decimals numbers! In science the children have been learning about nutrition and teeth. We will complete the unit by learning about the digestive system. 

Newspaper Articles

From Monday 10th October, we will be learning about newspaper articles. The learning will lead to the children writing their own newspaper article about The Vikings attack on Anglo Saxon Lindisfarne. Whenever you have time, it would really benefit the children to spend some moments looking at any newspapers at home, to help with understanding. Many Thanks! 


Many thanks to those parents suggesting that children should have the opportunity at home to write definitions for their spelling words. I think it's a great idea! Children will continue to bring home their spelling lists every Monday ready for a test at the end of the week. However they will now also have the opportunity to write the definitions of their spelling words on the template provided below. Those children who complete this, will be rewarded with 5 Team Points, every week! 

Spellings Definitions Task


Shape knowledge! Have a read!

Learning Resources
Have a fabulous Summer break and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 5 September 2017.