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During the COVID-19 Pandemic we will put assemblies into this file.

Hide and Seek

Can you find the staff?

Miss you Children

Staff thank the children for their video Music: Jeff Weber/Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Date_created 2005-08 Matt Lucas: Thank you Baked Potato

8th July: Freedom

What does freedom mean to you?

7th July: online Safety

Are online friends real friends?

6th July: Freedom- Children's Rights


3rd July: Celebration Assembly

Workers of the week

1st July: FREEDOM

Freedom and Human Rights

30th June: Armed Forces Day



24th June: Determination

What are the steps to being determined

23rd June: Friendship

What makes a good friend?

22nd June: Determination

How many people fail and then succeed?

19th June: Celebration Assembly

Well done to our workers of the week

17th June: determination Wanda's Story

A true story of grit and determination

16th June: Anti-bullying

15th June: Determination

How far will you go to achieve your goals?

12th June: celebration assembly

10th June: Determination

Never give up- looking at the speed skater Daniel Jansen

9th June: British Value: Tolerance

It's not fair- a look at being different and racism.

8th June: Determination

Looking at the Athlete Dame Kelly Holmes and how she was determined to succeed

5th June Celebration Assembly

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Wednesday 3rd June: Value: Determination

Tuesday 2nd June: What does it mean to be British?

Exploring being British

Monday 1st June: NEW VALUE: Determination

Keeping going - The Crow and the Pitcher

22nd May Worker of the week

Celebrating the workers of this week

Wednesday 20th May - Caring for others and ourselves

Socially distancing- the new normal

Tuesday 19th May - Being Resilient

Are you resilient, do you have "bounce-back-ability"?

Monday 18th May - Caring for ourselves

The importance of washing your hands

Worker of the week 15th May

Well done to all our Workers of the week, Nature Detective of the Week and Sportsperson of the Week.

Wednesday 13th May - Caring: Young Carers

A look at a role that many children need to do caring for loved ones in the home.

Tuesday 12th May - Online Safety

Clip used is produced by CEOP and made for 8-11 year olds- a clear message- be careful what you are posting online.
If you feel this is too old for your child - please do share this important message.

Monday 11th May - Caring for our Neighbours

After the VE Celebrations last week- how many of you know your neighbours better?

Friday 8th May - Worker of the Week

This week's workers of the week

Wednesday 6th May - A Caring Story- Mama Panya's Pancakes

How the community got together to help out Mama and have a feast together.

5th May Mutual Respect

Following on with our school value, here is a British Value. Thanks to the BBC link: Https://

4th May Caring for your animal

Adding to the Caring value by considering your pets

1st May Worker of the Week

This week's celebration assembly to congratulate the nominated workers of the week.

30th April Singing Assembly

Let's do some more singing :-)

29th April - Caring- the Magic Mirror

28th April - Tolerance

How can we link our value of caring to being tolerant- what does being tolerant mean?

Monday 27th April - NEW VALUE - CARING

How do we show we care for people? We introduce our new monthly value today.

Friday 24th April - Workers of the Week

Celebration assembly for 24th April

Thursday 23rd April - Singing Assembly

We all sing well in Wallop - let's have some fun and sing together.

Wednesday 22nd April - Online Safety

Just a reminder about online safety during this time when we are online more.

Tuesday 21st April 2020 - Hope

Discussing our value of the month - HOPE