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During the COVID-19 Pandemic we will put assemblies into this file.

27th January Mutual Respect

Looking at British Values, especially Mutual Respect, with a story from the Old Testament about Elijah and the Widow.

26th January Holocaust Memorial Day

The power of words - Looking at how important Anne Frank is.

25th January Honesty

Honesty is the best policy

22nd January Celebration Assembly

Celebrating this week's workers of the week

21st January: Vicar Assembly on Honesty

Vanessa the Vicar reads Whoops! But it wasn't me, by Lauren Child as we think about what it means to tell the truth.We sing Who's the King of the Jungle.http...

20th January: the Rule of Law and superpowers

Looking at the rule of law alongside keeping calm and using your superpower of mindful breathing to keep calm and focused.

19th January: Martin Luther King Jr Day

MLK day is the 18th January- but we had another assembly to do in this day.What do you think about what he stood for?Remember to be thoughtful today as well.

18th January: Honesty

'A tissue of lies' For today you need:A toilet roll and a helperRemember to be MIGHTY and send those mighty superman poses to your teacher.

15th January: Celebration Assembly

Celebrating those children who have impressed with work at home or in school over this week.

14th January: Assembly on the Baptism of Jesus, and Honesty

Thinking about our current value of Honesty, and why Jesus was baptised.We sing, 'Who's the King of the Jungle'

13th January: Democracy

Exploring democracy as a British Value and what this means in our political system.

12th January: Safer Internet

Looking at what safer internet day is, how to keep safe online and think about the information you are getting online.

11th January: Honesty

Have you ever told a lie?

8th January: There is no celebration assembly in the first week back. Well done to all those who have engaged in home learning and those who have been learning at school. 

7th January: School Assembly for Epiphany

Join Vanessa the Vicar as she explains why the Christmas decorations need to come down.We sing Who's the King of the Jungle, don't forget your monkey actions...

6th January: Value: Honesty

Introducing the new value of Honesty.

5th January: Anti-bullying

Do you know all about anti- bullying?

4th January 2021: Happy New Year

Talking about the New Year, resolutions and keeping safe at school.

17th December School Assembly on Advent Peace

Today we light the 4th candle on the Advent Wreath and think about Peace.

16th December: Love and forgiveness

How forgiveness fosters love

Archived Online Assemblies April to July 2020