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During the COVID-19 Pandemic we will put assemblies into this file.

21st April Patience 2

How can we show patience - by slowing down and never giving up

20th April Earth Day

Looking at why we have an Earth Day and what we can do to help our planet, as there is no planet B.

19th April Patience 1

Introducing the new value of patience.

31st March A Special Message for Wallop Primary School from Rev. Cole

Good bye, God bless, and thank you for having me!

31st March Celebration Assembly

celebrating this week's workers of the week.

31st March World Autism Day

Thinking about children who see the world as a little different.
There is a clip from BBC Newsround at 11:58 - 26:06 which is Rosie's story. It describes hers and others autism and how the see the world. Teachers may wish to show this, or may wish to skip dependant on timings.

30th March: Rev Cole's final Easter Assembly

30th March Stranger Danger

Keeping yourself safe - yell! run! tell!

29th March Happiness International Day of Happiness

All things happy! #HappyAct

26th March Celebration Assembly

Celebrating this week's workers of the week

25th March: Rev Cole's School Assembly: Palm Sunday

24th March Individual Liberty

Discussing individual freedoms alongside the United Nations Convention for the rights of the Child (UNCRC)

23rd March World Water Day

Valuing water

22nd March World Poetry Day

celebrating the amazing world of poetry

19th March Celebration Assembly

Clebrating this week's workers of the week

18th March School assembly on happiness and joy

Vanessa the vicar thinks about the woman who poured out her perfume and her joy.

17th March St Patrick's Day

Who was St Patrick and why do the Irish celebrate 17th March

16th March Value Happiness Smile ;

The power of a smile! Mr Happy by Roger Hargreaves

15th March Value Happiness

What makes you happy?

12th March Celebration Assembly

Celebrating this week's workers of the week

11th March School Assembly thinking about Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday or Mother's Day

10th March Mother's Day

Celebrating the special person in your life

9th March Unity Family Unity

The importance of a united family

8th March International Women's Day

During Women's History Month, today is the day to celebrate what we can do to make a difference in the world.

5th March Celebration Assembly

Celebrating this week's workers of the week

4th March World Book Day

Celebrating our love of books

3rd March: Vanessa the Vicar with a School Assembly on Lent

What does Jesus' time in the wilderness have in common with the Princess and the Frog?

2nd March Women's History Month

Thinking about women who have been pioneers and excelled in areas

1st March St David's Day

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