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Mrs Brown, Mrs Meaton and Mrs Eyles



Don't forget your PE kits and book bags

              Welcome to Buzzards 2020-2021

19th September 2020


Dear Buzzards,

I cannot believe that we have finished the second week of term already!  In science this week, we have been investigating the different things which minibeasts eat and sorting them into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  In English, we have been using adjectives to describe Superworm and then later in the week we used time connectives in our writing.  In maths, we have continued with counting and matching values.  In art, we have made a minibeast collage from magazine cuttings and in ‘guided reading’ we have been learning about the different features of a non-fiction book.  Next week, we will be splitting into different phonics groups to make sure that we can meet everyone’s needs.


P.E. Kits: We will now keep these in school.  These will be sent home at the end of the term for washing.


I have attached homework and spellings below.

Have a lovely weekend!

Best Wishes,


Mrs. Brown

11th September 2020


Dear Buzzards,

I feel like we have done a lot this week!  You are a lovely class and I'm really looking forward to working with you all this year.  I have been particularly impressed with your behaviour and the amount of effort that you have put into your work.  Keep this up please!  


I have attached a copy of the letter which went home today plus the homework.  By the end of year 1, children should know how to spell all the numbers to 20 (to 100 for year 2).  The words highlighted in green are those which I would like you to practise for next Friday.  Next week we will start phonics again and Year 2 will have ten spellings and Year 1 will have five, linked to what they have been learning.  If you were not in school today, please practise the spellings for the numbers 1-5.


Have a good weekend!


Best wishes

Mrs. Brown

7th September 2020


Dear Buzzards,

It has been so lovely to work with you all today!

I have attached a letter and topic map for this term which you may find useful. I will update this page every Friday evening/Saturday morning so that your adults can see what you have been up to all week.  

With best wishes

Mrs. Brown