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Welcome to Kites Class - 2020/2021

Armed Forces Day 


The children thoroughly enjoyed Armed Forces Day. During our celebrations, we learnt about the different branches of the British Armed Forces and looked at different types of military vehicles. We would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Hookway for organising the activities! Here is a picture of a child in our class enjoying the assault course. 

Under the Sea! 


I cannot believe it is the last half-term! I am so proud of every single child in my class, well done Kites!


For our final topic, ‘Under the Sea’, we set sail to explore the properties of water and the exciting prospect of holidays. The ‘Rainbow Fish’, by Marcus Pfister, will be used to explore emotions and relationships as well as writing and numbers, counting and sharing in Mathematics. We will find out about creatures that live in water from a range of sources including books, the internet and recounts of personal first-hand experiences. We will also find out about notorious pirates, famous ships and how to follow rules and work effectively as a team. We will consider materials which float and sink and will design, make and hopefully float our own pirate ships! As we sail towards summer, we will explore travel and different holiday destinations as we visit our class travel agent and plan our own holidays. Please see the topic web below: 



There is a lot planned for the children over the next few weeks which we hope they will enjoy and share with you at home. If you have anything relevant to our topic to send in, share with the class, or if you would like to volunteer in class, please let us know.


As the weather is likely to be hot please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school every day, sun cream applied before coming to school, a sun hat and a waterproof jacket if it is likely to rain. 


Thank you! 


Miss Pedder

Welcome back! 


After a very busy Spring Term, we now blast into the Summer Term to explore our new topic, 'Zoom to the Moon'. We have been reading our term's book, 'The First Hippo on the Moon', which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. From this learning, the children in Kites Class have become very interested in the planets and how they appear. Therefore, we have started to make the planets for a classroom display- as seen below! This was very messy and we had lots of fun learning how to papier-mache.



Throughout the term, space themed activities and enhancements will continue to be used to support learning in all the prime areas and in specific areas of learning including Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. I have attached this term's curriculum map below. 



Daily phonics will continue to support reading and writing. Mathematics will include counting, ordering, comparing, adding and subtracting numbers and measures will include money, weight and time. Our Traditional tale this half term is Pinocchio, with its reference to stars and the sky. There will also be plenty of opportunities to discuss Neil Armstrong and how some consider him to be a hero. The children will then be encouraged to consider who the heroes might be in their own lives. 


Our topical focus will provide many opportunities to explore similarities and differences, the planets, day and night, forces and how materials change when heated or cooled. The story of Dinosaurs and all that rubbish by Michael Foremen will be used to prompt discussion about the importance of sharing and caring for the natural world. The children love dinosaurs and I thought this would be a good opportunity to reinforce some of our learning from last term.


As well as a planned topical focus, we are keen to follow the children’s own interests where possible so please keep us informed of new interests as they arise. Thank you.


This term, children will continue to need a coat, named water bottle and reading folder in school every day please. PE kits need to be kept in school for use on a Wednesday and Thursday for our timetabled PE sessions and at other times as required. Please continue to send suitable coats and boots for our ‘Forest Friday’ learning sessions this term.


Thank you to everyone uploading observations to Tapestry. These contribute to the assessment process and planning for your children’s learning and development.  


If you have any questions, wish to share achievements or have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. I am available on


Kind regards


Miss Pedder


Jackson Pollock


We had so much fun making the stary night-time sky. To make our artwork even more effective, we used 'drip painting'. This is a painting technique made famous by Jackson Pollock- the children thoroughly enjoyed following in his footsteps. We're not completely finished with the display yet but when we are I will post a photograph on here. Well done Kites!




Welcome to Kites Class!


Hello everyone :) 


My name is Miss Pedder and I am your child's Class Teacher. Mrs Lambert is our Learning Support Assistant (LSA).


I am so excited to get started with our fantastic teaching and learning! To help the children settle in, their first topic will be "All About Me". This should help your child to discover and express their unique likes and interests. By celebrating the children as individuals, I hope to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe and confident to be themselves. Soon, I will attach a completed topic map to this page so that you can gain a more detailed insight into what the children will be focussing on this half-term. Below, please find the curriculum map for this half-term.




Information regarding the start of this term


The first three weeks will be transition orientated to help your child settle into school. Below is a brief summary of these three weeks. 


Week One (Mon 7th to Fri 11th September) 

- Home visits in the morning. 

- Children will be in school (groups of five) from 1pm to 3.15pm .

Week Two (Mon 14th to Fri 17th September)

- If your child has a surname starting A-M, they will arrive at school between 09:00 and 09.15. 

- If your child has a surname starting N-Z, they will arrive at school between 09.16 and 09.30. 

- Children will be collected at 12pm, without lunch at school, during week two. 

Week Three (Mon 21st to Fri 25th September)

-Please repeat the same start times based on your child's surname.

-Your child will stay for lunch and leave school at 1.15pm.


As of Monday 28th September, Kites Class will be completing full days in school. Surnames A-M will be colleted at 15.30 and surnames N-Z will be collected at 15.45. 



What we have been doing this week! (7th-11th September)


Making monsters


This week in Kites Class we have been settling in and playing. We have been reading 'The Colour Monster' and learning about our different feelings. The children loved learning about the monster's different moods and we made the monsters in class. We practised our cutting and we glued the tiny pieces to the monster to make a pretty collage. Below is a picture of some of us making a red angry monster. 




What we've been doing this week! (14th-18th September)


This week the children have been learning about classroom routines. The children have settled in really well and are having fun learning about our feelings and emotions. We have developed our class rules together and made a beautiful flower display using their own handprints. The children are a joy to have in the classroom and have been impressing Ms Fletcher and myself all week with their kind and caring behaviour. Below shows the display for our classroom rules.



What we've been doing this week! (21st-25th September)


This week the children have enjoyed playing outside and exploring the rain. The children enjoyed feeling the rain and looking at how the sky changed colour. The children also started phonics this week and have been learning their phase 2 sounds. The children will take their sounds home on Monday 28th September so they can practise with you too. Here is a picture of the children playing in the rain.



What we did this week (28th Sep to 2nd Oct)

The children have completed their first full-time week at Wallop Primary School! This is a massive achievement and I am very proud of Kites Class. This week, the children have continued learning their sounds, practising their matching and counting in maths and have enjoyed painting their self-portraits. These will be displayed on the walls next week :D. Well done children! 


What we did this week (5th to 9th Oct)

This week the children made a dance in PE and performed it to the class. The children had a lot of fun doing this and look forward to PE every week. The children are also enjoying reading with me in class and they have been keen to learn their new sounds in phonics. The sounds will be sent home on tags so the children can make words with you :). Feel free to practise sounding the words out with your child. Well done Kites Class!


What we did this week (12th to 16th Oct)

This week the children were practising writing their numbers in maths. The children made up some matching games. In the picture below, the children were choosing numbers for their partner to find on the sheet and have a go at writing. Lots of children soon noticed what was happening and the class became very engaged in this child-led learning. I was very impressed because the children enjoyed learning from their mistakes too, in Kites we celebrate this as part of the learning process! Well done Kites Class, you're all doing so well! :)



What we did this week (19th to 23rd Oct)

As well as making good progress in maths and phonics, this week we learnt more about space. The children absolutely love watching the rocket blast into the sky and they understand that we live on 'the blue planet Earth'. They notice the moon sometimes and they like to talk about going to space when they are grown up. Have a lovely rest this half-term children, you have been superstars and I'm so proud of you all! :) Miss Pedder



What we did during our first week back! (2nd to 6th Nov)


This week Kites Class started learning about their new topic, 'Princesses, Knights and Dragons'. Kites made dragon slime and played with the small-world castle. Kites have also been making cards for Bonfire Night and enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes. Well done Kites, here is our curriculum map for the next half-term.


Communication and Language

-New language- fair, bold, brave, sword, protect  

-Phonics- consolidate phase two in small groups

-Asking / answering questions

-Following instructions

e.g. coding on the BeeBots to make simple algorithms that move a character through a story

-Reading fairy tales and books about Knights- asking for key events, the characters, favourite parts

-Sing songs and rhymes about princess, dragons and knights, ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’


-Retelling stories such as ‘Three Little Pigs’

-Listening to stories about knights, dragons and all things magical

-Continue writing our own names, practising sound recognition and letter formation

-Letters and sounds Phase 2 consolidation

Shared reading of books, labels and captions

-Search library in class to look for books about our topic- ‘King George and the Dragon’.

-Write invitations to fairy-tale tea party

Understanding the World

-Read the Three Little Pigs- how can we stay safe from strangers?

-Read King George and the Dragon

-Who were Knights and why did we have them?

-What do we have now, instead of Knights?

-Knights were expected to protect people and defend the Queen and King

-Who is our Queen?

-Look at Mike the Knight online

-Look at some old toys and new toys

-What toys would a Prince or Princess have played with?

-What would they not have played with? Why?

-Design your own toy for a Prince or Princess

-What creatures do dragons look like?

-Are they similar to reptiles such as lizards?

-Label a dragon

-Draw your own dragon

-Make a dragon world out of gloop- use green paint

-Use BeeBots to dodge the dragons

-Would you like to be a Princess, Knight or Dragon?

Physical Development

-P.E. sequence a sugar plum fairy dance

-Use sword to write letters in sand tray

-Explore different ways of moving in PE- pretend to ride a horse like Knight

-Fine motor skills: peg boards, pouring, threading, making jewellery for princesses

-Malleable materials, clay and playdough- make a castle

-Sensory play – water, foam, gloop

-Letter formation – playdough, chalk, paint, foam

-Construction- make a strong house for the pigs

What’s in the Woods? Princesses Knights and Dragons

Sparkly Starter

Cinderella’s Shoe Box


Writing outcomes:         

I can write a short sentence


Fantastic finish:

   Tea party invitations

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

-How can we use a Knight’s code to make better choices? Be honest, helpful, kind

-Play games: Sharing and taking turns

-Think about people who we can help- mums, dads, grandparents?

-Focus on tolerance for this term

-Saying sorry when we get things wrong

-Continue to take personal responsibility: behaviour, hygiene, health

-How would it make people feel if we helped them?

-How can you make the right choices, what would a Knight or Princess do?


-To celebrate different languages, the children will also continue to count in Spanish

-Compare pictures of dragons (more/less)

-Matching amounts to numerals 1-10

-Counting, addition and subtraction songs

-Solve simple problems involving number, ‘one more and one less’

-Compare and organise dragons by colour and size

-Count the spikes on the dragons’ backs

-Make a dragon out of 2D / 3D shapes

-Use beans to represent Dragon eggs- share them out into nests labelled with numbers 1-10

Expressive arts and Design

-Use tin foil and cardboard to make shields, armour and swords

-Enchanted walk- FOREST SCHOOL

-Use small world dragons and Knights for garden and classroom imaginary play zones

-Design our own junk model dragon

-Build castles out of blocks

-Paint a dragon

-Design coat of arms

-Draw and colour pictures to retell the story of Cinderella

-Cook and decorate fairy tale biscuits

-Make a stronger house for the Three Little Pigs


What we did this week (9th to 13rd Nov)


This week the children finished their writing to Cinderella. I rather clumsily dropped Cinderella's shoebox with her "glass slipper" in it and the children had to design a new one for her! The children loved this learning and their letter formation is coming along beautifully. On Friday, we went to the forest and listened to the nature around us. The children found this very therapeutic. Specifically, we discussed how trees communicate and the children then went and hugged the trees as shown in the picture below. Well done Kites!



What we did this week (9th to 13th Nov)


This week we took the time to remember the many men and women who fought for us during the First World War. The children made red poppies and purple poppies to remember the horses who suffered too. This was a very reflective week and the children really took their learning on board. Well done for being so thoughtful Kites Class. 



What we did this week (16th to 20th Nov)


The children are making amazing progress with their phonics. They thoroughly enjoyed digging in the soil to find the initial rhyming sounds. Some children could even make their own words. Kites Class are great at spotting their letters and corresponding sounds. Well done children! :)



What we did this week (23rd to 27th Nov)


This week the children have been particularly interested in making castles and palaces based on our topic 'Princesses, Knights and Dragons'. The creations have been beautifully detailed and the children have enjoyed telling me about all the different parts they made. Language such as 'tower', 'garden' and 'bridge' has been included in their verbal descriptions. Well done children!



What we did this week (30th Nov to 4th Dec)


This week we have been making stars. We have made lots of little stars and a big whole class star using sticks from the woods. The children have really engaged with their learning about the star in the nativity and I am looking forward to sharing our Christmas show with parents. Miss Pedder.


What we did this week (7th Dec to 11th Dec)


This week we have been busy with Christmas crafts. We also had a treat on Friday during Forest School. It was really lovely to have Bracken, the school dog, join us for a 'looking walk' in the meadow. Bracken helped us to see what we could notice about the environment. We saw trees without leaves, rabbit burrows, bonfires and more! Here is a picture of some of us with Ms Fletcher and Bracken :) well dones Kites!



What we did this week (14th Dec to 18th Dec)


Wow! What an exciting last week of Term One. We had a very special visitor- Father Christmas! The children in Kites Class were able to ask Father Christmas for one thing that they would like for Christmas. We did lots of festive activities, such as a maths based treasure hunt and even watching a Cinderella Pantomime with popcorn to eat :D It was a lovely end to the term, well done Kites Class! Miss Pedder.




What we have done this week

Well done for finishing your first week of home learning Kites Class. You have been engaging brilliantly with the learning on Tapestry, it is lovely to see! Below is a curriculum map for our new topic, 'Digging for Dinosaurs'.


Communication and Language

Egg discovery in class

Dinosaur stories:

-Ten Little Dinosaurs Questioning, how, why, when questions.

Retelling simple stories

Talk about own experiences – retelling using past tense Talk about special events – birthdays, Christmas etc  Role play – explorers in the dinosaur den

Discuss what you can see in your habitat- describe the scene from your window


Daily Phonics and vowels/consonants

Handwriting – letter formation

Reading– Rhyming words and non-fiction/fiction

Name and describe our own dinosaur

Retelling stories – sequencing and retelling in own words

Writing dinosaur profiles

Newspaper reports headings

Found/missing posters

Letters to the dinosaur

Instructions to look after a dinosaur

Understanding the World

Volcano – look at an exploding volcano

Looking at maps of volcanoes

Habitat – our location compared to others

What habitat did dinosaurs live in?

Where is similar to that habitat today?

Do we have volcanoes?

Look at sleeping volcanoes

Hot/ cold environments

Dinosaur nests

Life cycle of a dinosaur/reptile

Fossils – create your own fossil

Explore and describe fossil corner in class

What killed the dinosaurs – explore theories Seasons – seasonal changes

Keeping warm – ice age

Transient art – natural resources adding to play dough

BeeBots – find the dinosaur by following a simple code

Caring for the environment

Physical Development

Dinosaur dance

Healthy eating dinosaur food-Create a healthy meal

Fine motor activities

Pencil control activities- Play dough dinosaur

Digging up fossils

Dinosaur initial sounds writing outside

Dinosaur slime and tweezers

Dinosaur dust (magic dust, (clean mud)

Different sized brushes – to excavate dinosaur bones

Blocks, piping, nets etc to make buildings/dens

       Digging for Dinosaurs

Sparkly Starter:

What’s in the egg?


Writing outcomes: Create a non-fiction class book about dinosaurs


Fantastic finish: Class jungle wall- Henri Rousseau


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Team games in PE- working in pairs

Circle time

Working together

Feelings – how do the dinosaurs feel in different situations?

‘The Egg’- how does it feel when it hatches?

Talk about their own dinosaur knowledge

Talk about their own preference, likes and dislikes

Discuss favourite dinosaurs and why

Dinosaur roleplay / small world

What makes us special?

Sorting kind/unkind acts


Sorting dinosaurs

Size – comparing – footprint, dinosaur Measuring dinosaurs – height and weight

Time – past and present

Time- seasons through the year

Addition and Subtraction

Matching dinosaur footprints – pairs / doubling Dinosaur bones – sorting, ordering

2d shapes for many skeletons/ Stegosaurus  Make a shape dinosaur

Directions to find the dinosaur

Capacity in the water tray

Expressive arts and Design

Music, Art & Design/DT

Dinosaur habitats

Junk Modelling dinosaurs

Design something to protect a dinosaur egg  Design a trap to catch a dinosaur

Mud painting

Coffee, tea painting

Exploring textures – mud, sand etc

Exploring vehicles

Explorers role-play – dinosaur experts

Read Dinosaur Rumpus – music (soft and loud sounds)



PE Kits and wellies


Please provide your child with a PE kit. PE lessons take place on Thursdays and Fridays every week. Your child can either have plimsolls or trainers, both are not necessary. Please also provide your child with a tracksuit that is dark blue or black in colour. Tracksuits are sometimes necessary for the outdoor PE lessons.  A simple tracksuit from any major retailer will be absolutely fine. We will return the PE kits on the last day of this half-term. 


Please name everything, even shoes! Children easily lose things when getting changed for PE. Name labels will ensure that the items come straight back to your child.


Please also provide your child with some wellies, we will be going outside as much as possible! :)



Children can choose a free school meal in the morning before learning begins. They can choose from a vegetarian option, a meat option or a jacket potato option. Children can bring in a packed lunch if they do not like the free school lunch choices.


Water bottles 

Children will be provided with a free water bottle from school. I will label these to make sure they do not go missing. These will be provided in weeks one and two. Please also decorate the water bottles so your child knows which one belongs to them.


I will update this page regularly with more information about Kites Class! 


Thank you and I look forward to the exciting adventures this year will bring for our class :)


Miss Pedder