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Welcome to Kites Class - Reception


Class Teacher: Mrs McRobert

LSA: Ms Fletcher


Please remember a drink bottle, book bag and PE kit every day.

Thank you!

Welcome to Kites Class - 2019/2020


Dear Parents / Carers,                                                                                                                             20.03.2020

There are currently big changes to everyday life and concerns for many. Your children will need to feel comforted and loved and to feel that everything is going to be okay. What they need most is lots of love and attention. Please do not worry or think your children will stop learning because they are not in school. They won’t! Children are inquisitive by nature and will be learning many things at home even if some of the learning is different.


Please make time to exercise, play, go on walks, make junk models and paint pictures. Enjoy number games and cook things together. Share stories and make time to talk. Whether the current situation lasts for weeks or months your children will not regress in their learning and they will always move forward. The Prime Areas of Learning are key to success in the Specific Areas of Learning and can easily be developed at home. In addition to the general suggestions I have already sent home, I am setting specific tasks every day to help maintain some continuity in the Specific Areas of Learning. When we are back in the classroom, we can focus on catching up in these areas if we feel there is a need.


Please register every day and complete the planned activities. Remember to make time, keep the timetable flexible and keep the learning fun and enjoyable. Your child’s physical and emotional well-being are paramount in maintaining self-confidence and a positive attitude which helps to maximise learning. Please also take this opportunity to enjoy more time with your children and find new opportunities for learning.


You will find a weekly plan on Kites Class page on the school website. I have included links to stories on YouTube in case you do not have the books at home and I have included websites to support Literacy and Mathematics which you might find helpful to support the set learning or to stand alone.


Tapestry Online Learning Journal

Please add any significant learning to Tapestry – including pictures of the work the children have done. I will be checking and updating Tapestry daily too.


If you have any questions, concerns or need any advice about your child’s learning at home, please do not hesitate to email me on Kites Class email. We look forward to hearing from you over the next few weeks and seeing the children in school again soon. Keep safe and well.


Mrs McRobert

Kites Class Home Learning - Week Commencing 27.04.2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you have had a good weekend and return to work and home learning refreshed today. I plan to continue adding work to the school website for a little longer until everyone can access Seesaw. Please let me know if you are unable to use Seesaw or would prefer plans emailed.


With kind regards, 


Mrs McRobert

Thursday 30.04.2020 - Important message 


Dear Parents and Carers,


Please access your child's daily plan via Seesaw. If you are having difficulty using Seesaw, please get in touch with me via email. 


With kind regards,


Mrs McRobert 

Daily plan - Tuesday 28.04.2020

Jack and The Beanstalk - Tuesday 28.04.2020

Number Tacks - Tuesday 28.04.2020

Daily Plan - Monday 27.04.2020

Pattern Grids - Monday 27.04.2020

Letter formation poster - Monday 27.04.2020

Home Learning - Week Commencing 20.04.2020


Welcome back after the Easter holiday. I hope you have had a good break and managed to enjoy some of the amazing sunny weather we have had!


Our new topic is Roots, Shoots and Muddy Boots. I will be sending a curriculum letter and topic web soon. 


Mrs McRobert 

Daily Plan - Friday 24.04.2020

Superhero writing frame - Friday 24.04.2020

Daily Plan - Thursday 23.04.2020

Supertato - writing frame

White Rose Mathematics - Supertato - Day 4 activities

Daily plan - Wednesday 22.04.2020

Label the parts of a sunflower - Wednesday 22.04.2020

Instructions for planting seeds - Wednesday 22.04.2020

Daily Plan - Tuesday 21.04.2020

The Tiny Seed writing frame

What do sunflower seeds need to grow?


Daily Plan - Wednesday 25th March 2020


From tomorrow I will send the daily plan by email so please check your inbox. Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to pass on updates.


Tapestry Online Learning Journal

Please add any pictures and observations which reflect your child's learning and development to Tapestry which I will check and update daily. On the daily plan tomorrow, I have included some information and links to various documents which I hope will help give you a better idea of the sorts of things which are helpful to include on Tapestry. As well as providing an important record of learning and development and informing assessments, the Tapestry Online Learning Journal is saved to PDF and sent to you at the end of the year and provides a record of some of the significant steps in your child's early learning journey and is a keepsake worth treasuring.


With kind regards,


Mrs McRobert 

Kites Learning at home - Daily plan - 23.03.2020

Learning at Home - Suggested ways to support learning and development in the EYFS.

Week Commencing 23.03.2020

Kites Class - Learning at Home Weekly Plan - 23.03.2020

Week Commencing 09.03.2020


This week we will be reading Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell and writing our own version called Dear Farm. We will practise using positional language in Mathematics as we read ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen and Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins. We will also be naming, describing and making shapes.


We will be finding out about nocturnal and diurnal animals as we consider similarities and differences. We will be making bridges for the Three Billy Goats Gruff, painting spring flowers and planting vegetable seeds on Friday.

Week Commencing 02.03.2020

This week we have a special focus on books and reading and all Parents and Carers are invited to join us from 09.00 to 09.30 every morning to read and share fiction and non-fiction texts together. If you have a favourite book you would like to share with or read to the children, please bring it along. On Thursday the children are invited to bring a favourite book to school and to dress up as their favourite character.


We have a visit from Bracken the school dog on Tuesday and a visit from PC Allen on Wednesday to talk about his job. We will also be thinking and talking about ways of staying safe.


We hope that you will be able to join us on any of the morning to celebrate and enjoy reading with the children.

Highlights this week

Highlights this week 1 Sharing Stories with Buzzards
Highlights this week 2 Sharing stories with Buzzards
Highlights this week 3 Sharing stories in Kites
Highlights this week 4 Police Officers - Tim and Richard visit
Highlights this week 5 Trying on police hats
Highlights this week 6 Trying on police hats
Highlights this week 7 Trying on police hats
Highlights this week 8 Trying on police hats
Highlights this week 9 Kites got close up to a police car
Highlights this week 10 Forest Friday - sunshine at last!
Highlights this week 11 Hunting for evidence of animals

Signs of spring

Signs of spring  1

Week Commencing 24.02.2020

We hope you had a good half term and the children are well rested and refreshed. In our new Topic Fur, Feathers and Scales, we will be finding out about different animals including descriptions, needs and different habitats. I have attached a letter and topic web for your information.

Signs of Spring - These are some of the photos taken by the children

Signs of Spring - These are some of the photos taken by the children 1 crocus
Signs of Spring - These are some of the photos taken by the children 2 Primroses
Signs of Spring - These are some of the photos taken by the children 3 Daffodils
Signs of Spring - These are some of the photos taken by the children 4 Catkins
Signs of Spring - These are some of the photos taken by the children 5 Bluebells
Signs of Spring - These are some of the photos taken by the children 6 Nests

Week Commencing - 27.01.2020


The children will be reflecting on the impact of the Bushfires in Australia this week and finding out about Chinese New year and how it is celebrated. We hope the children will enjoy the many activities and learning experiences planned this week. 


Week Commencing - 20.01.2020

Home Learning - 17.01.2020

Week Commencing 13.01. 2020


We continue our space theme as we read Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy. We will be watching a short silent film called Rocket Man in which Monkey and his friend build a rocket and fly to the moon and the children will also be finding out about space travel including the first moon landing.


Children continue to develop their knowledge of Phase 2 and 3 phonics and some will begin Phase 4 this week. Please continue to practise reading the sounds on the key ring and reading and writing the high frequency and tricky words. New words and sounds will be added when the children are ready. Thank you!


Our focus in Literacy will be ‘Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy, Rocket Man and facts about the moon. Our focus in Mathematics will be on recognising numbers, counting, addition and recording in mathematics.

Week Commencing 06.01.20


Welcome back after hopefully a restful, happy and healthy Christmas holiday!


We begin our new term with our new topical focus, ‘Zoom to the Moon’ in which we will be learning about our solar system, finding out about the moon and considering whether the moon might be a nice place to live.


We will be reading lots of stories including ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy and will be learning songs and enjoying poems and information books about space and the moon.


I am sure the children will enjoy using torches as we explore light and dark and finding out why day and night happens.


We hope the children will enjoy this topic and as always please don’t forget to update us on any new interests the children may have so we can include this in their learning. 

Christmas holiday - Home learning 20.12.19

Week Commencing 09.12.19


The children will be retelling the Christmas story, managing a class post office, delivering letters for the Jolly Postman and making and writing Christmas cards this week.  In Mathematics we will be making direct comparisons in capacity and weight and thinking about shape as we make recycled pencil pots. We will enjoy reading Christmas stories, writing and posting Christmas cards, making a sleigh out of construction or reclaimed materials and many more enhancements.


Nativity Play

Please make sure all costumes for the Nativity Play are sent to school in a named bag ASAP. The children will continue learning songs and rehearsing their Nativity play this week in preparation for their dress rehearsal and Nativity play next week. We hope you will be able to come to Kites open afternoon on Thursday from 14.00 to 15.00 this week and Kites Nativity play on Thursday 19th beginning at 14.00.  

Home Learning - Matchbox Maths - Number

Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 1
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 2
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 3
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 4
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 5
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 6
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 7
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 8
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 9
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 10
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 11
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 12
Art with natural objects inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 13

Week commencing 25.11.19


This week we will be reading Hansel and Gretel, writing about mythical creatures, making Stickman and toadstools in Expressive Arts and Design. We will be making direct comparisons in weight, counting objects and sorting natural objects into sets.


Exploring the Nutcracker Story with music by Tchaikovsky and practising our Nativity play.

Week Beginning 18.11.19


We have had a busy week in Kites. Two highlights this week include tasting different juice cubes and following a Stickman story trail for our Forest Friday activity at the end of the week.

Stickman Trail - 22.11.19

Stickman Trail - 22.11.19 1
Stickman Trail - 22.11.19 2
Stickman Trail - 22.11.19 3
Stickman Trail - 22.11.19 4
Stickman Trail - 22.11.19 5

Tasting frozen juice cubes

Tasting frozen juice cubes  1
Tasting frozen juice cubes  2

Week Beginning 04.11.19

This week we begin our new topic ‘The Enchanted Woodland’ for 4 weeks before moving into thinking about seasonal changes in Winter and Christmas including preparations for our Nativity Play at the end of term. We will be sending a Class Letter and Topic Web with details of things we will be covering this half term.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Parent Appointments

Parent Appointments are available on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. If you have not already booked an appointment, please book an appointment online or via the school office. Thank you.

Making and eating vegetable soup - 23.10.19

Making and eating vegetable soup - 23.10.19 1
Making and eating vegetable soup - 23.10.19 2
Making and eating vegetable soup - 23.10.19 3
Making and eating vegetable soup - 23.10.19 4

Week beginning 14.10.19


We begin this week reading Funny Bones by Janet and Allan Alhberg and discussing the function and care of our skeleton.


In Literacy we will continue working on Phase 2 and now Phase 3 Letters and Sounds in Phonics, we will identify features of fiction and non-fiction books and enjoy reading both.


In Mathematics we will be using scales to make direct comparisons in weight, counting and comparing numbers and finding and describing shapes in our environment. 


In PE the children will be developing their confidence and skill using large apparatus and their creativity and imagination as they explore the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in dance.  


We will take the children on a scavenger hunt to find natural objects in our school grounds. The children will be making vegetable soup this week and also making clay hedgehogs. For our Forest Friday activity the children will be learning about animals that live in the school grounds and thinking about how they are affected by the changing seasons. 


People Who Help Us

On the theme of ‘People who help us’ we are still looking for people willing to come and talk to the class about their work at home or in the community. If you have a job which you would be happy to talk about then please get in touch! Thank you!

Week commencing 07.10.19


People Who Help Us

As part of our topic ‘Wonderful Me!’ we will be moving on to think about 'People Who Help Us'including parents, adults in school, public services and emergency services. If you have a profession such as a doctor, nurse, dentist, hairdresser, soldier or similar profession and would be happy to come in and talk about your job for about 15 minutes in the next couple of weeks – please get in touch! The children would love to meet you and find out more about your work!


This week we will attempt making emergency vehicles out of reclaimed materials, painting, writing and finding out about different jobs people do.


We will be exploring concepts of time and weight in mathematics and continuing to learn and apply our phonics in reading and writing.


We will also be exploring and describing textures during continuous provision and on our Forest Friday walk as we go on a scavenger hunt to find objects that are for example smooth, rough, spiky and soft.  


Please get in touch if you would be willing to come into school to talk about your ‘People Who Help Us’ profession!

Home Learning 11.10.19

Week Beginning 30.09.19


Our focus this week will be on things which help to keep us healthy. We will be sorting our play food into green, amber and red sets, focus on staying hydrated, we will be exercising, resting and practising our hand washing. We have planned activities linked to the above which we hope the children will enjoy through the week.


We continue learning and applying the Letters and Sounds Phase 2 single sounds as we identify initial sounds in words and blend to read and spell simple words. As each new letter is introduced / covered we will practise forming each letter in turn.


In our Mathematics, we will be matching, naming and describing shapes in class and around the school as we go on a shape hunt. We will also be making models of people out of reclaimed materials.


As Autumn is here, we will round off our week by collecting things on our Forest Friday walk to make an autumn display.

Forest Friday

Forest Friday  1
Forest Friday  2
Forest Friday  3
Forest Friday  4

Week commencing 23.09.19


This week we will be covering new single sounds m, d and g and the children will begin blending sounds to read simple words and phrases. We will also be reading and sharing information books and stories together.


We will continue learning how to form letters in sand, foam, rainbow writing and will be writing names and labels to display around our classroom.


We will talk about our sensory preferences sight, touch, taste, hearing and smelling and will explore different 'smelly socks' on a washing line.  We will be making paper plate faces in Expressive Arts and Design and making playdough numbers and playing number and addition games in Mathematics. We will also be talking about feelings, emotions and how to express these in positive ways.



Information Meeting – Tuesday 24th September 15.30 or 16.30.

We hope you can come!

Week commencing 16.09.19


Thank you to all parents and carers who signed up for either an appointment in school or a home visit. Your time and exchange of information is very much appreciated and is helpful in planning for your children’s learning in school.


The children begin attending full time from today, Monday 16th September! I hope your children adjust easily to the longer days but if they begin to struggle due to tiredness please come and have a chat with us.


We begin sending reading books home this week. Initially most children will bring home books to look at and retell the story. As the children begin to learn and apply the new sounds they are learning, we will begin introducing books with simple text. Please read frequently at home in order to help children make and maintain rapid progress in reading.

We will continue completing Baseline Assessments with the children this week and will introduce new sounds including p, i and n in Phonics. We will continue practising our counting, ilearning to recognise numbers and will be naming and describing 2D shapes.  


Role play will include Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will identify the 5 senses and talk about how we use our senses help us to explore and learn new things. We also begin our PE sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and the children will visit the school meadow on their first ‘Forest Friday’ walk.

Kites Class - Information Meeting Invitation

Kites Class - Information

Week Commencing 02.09.19


A warm welcome to all new children starting Kites Class and all Parents and Carers. We have been really looking forward to meeting you all and hope you settle well and soon feel very confident and happy at Wallop Primary School.


In the first few days our focus will be on developing positive relationships with the children, communicating expectations, managing transitions and establishing routines in preparation for children attending school full time from Monday 16th September. There will be lots to communicate in the first few weeks of school and we will do our best to make sure you are well informed about day to day arrangements in reception, the curriculum, assessment and ways you can help support your child’s learning at home. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask via the classroom at drop off or pick up time, by email or by phone via the school office.

Information Letter - Autumn 1

Week Commencing 09.09.19


We have loved welcoming everyone in Kites last week! This week we hope to build on the good start by everyone as we begin our second week when the children will stay for lunch and will be collected at 1.15pm.

As well as Continuous Provision, also referred to as ‘Play and Learn’ in Kites where teaching happens naturally as the children engage in their child-initiated play, we will begin short adult led input sessions. These will include shared reading, learning single sounds in phonics (s, a, t), counting and recognising numbers this week. We will also begin exploring elements included in our topic web - ‘Wonderful Me!’


You are invited to book a Home visit or a short appointment in school to discuss your child starting school any related matters from Monday 09.09.19. Appointments are available from 13.30 Tuesday to Friday this week. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.