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Welcome to Kites Class - Reception


Class Teacher: Mrs McRobert

LSA: Ms Fletcher


Please remember a drink bottle, PE kit and book bag every day.

Thank you!

Welcome to Kites Class 2018/19

Week Commencing 10.06.19


Our focus text in Kites this week is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We will be thinking about the life-cycle of the butterfly and talking about time including days of the week as we explore the story. Our writing will be linked to the story in both adult directed and child initiated. In Mathematics we will be naming, describing and exploring the properties of shapes and we will begin designing and making our own small minibeasts from various materials including items from the recycling box. If you have any to spare boxes, tubes or things we could use for our models we would be very grateful to receive it. Thank you.


We are looking forward to seeing you all and having a super week ahead! 

Week Commencing 03.06.19


Welcome back to everyone in Kites after a lovely warm half term! This half term we will start by finding out more about little creatures in our short topic on Minibeasts and then we will think about Water, Sea and Pirates in the last few weeks of term. 


We will continue our daily phonics and will be writing our holiday news and writing minibeast clues for  our friends to guess what creature we are describing.  We will be practising our counting and adding and subtracting in Mathematics and will end our week with a minibeast hunt as part of our Forest Friday activity. 

Minibeast Hunt

Minibeast Hunt  1 Exploring the top of the compost bin
Minibeast Hunt  2 Snail
Minibeast Hunt  3 Newt
Minibeast Hunt  4 Slugs
Minibeast Hunt  5 Newt
Minibeast Hunt  6 More slugs

Week commencing 20.05.19


Well done Kite! You finished a very busy and full half term looking for leaves nibbled by caterpillars on Friday morning and then Race for life in the afternoon. Everyone ran very well and did not give up even when they felt tired. 

Looking for nibbled leaves

Looking for nibbled leaves  1
Looking for nibbled leaves  2
Looking for nibbled leaves  3
Looking for nibbled leaves  4
Looking for nibbled leaves  5
Looking for nibbled leaves  6
Looking for nibbled leaves  7
Looking for nibbled leaves  8
Looking for nibbled leaves  9
Looking for nibbled leaves  10
Looking for nibbled leaves  11

Race for life

Race for life  1
Race for life  2
Race for life  3
Race for life  4
Race for life  5
Race for life  6
Race for life  7
Race for life  8
Race for life  9

Week Commencing 22.04.19


Welcome back! We begin our new topical focus by thinking about the life-cycle of the frog, germinating beans and talking about why plants are so important in our lives. Plants are not only a primary food source for many living things, but they help produce oxygen, homes for animals, shelter, wood, aesthetics and so much more.

All children will continue daily phonics according to ability ranging from Phase 2-5. Please continue reading daily or as often as possible at home and practise writing, counting and solving simple problems involving number and measures. If you would like guidance on how to best support your child’s ‘school’ learning at home, please just ask. Thank you for your ongoing support!


Week Commencing 01.04.19


We had a lovely week leading up to the Easter Holiday. As well as daily phonics, enhancements, Literacy and Mathematics, the children made cards, melted chocolate to make Easter nests and hunted Easter Egg letters around the school due to very wet weather on the last day of term. 

Making chocolate Easter nests

Making chocolate Easter nests  1 Melting chocolate
Making chocolate Easter nests  2 Mixing the melted chocolate
Making chocolate Easter nests  3 Nearly smooth
Making chocolate Easter nests  4 Making nests and adding the eggs
Making chocolate Easter nests  5 Leave the chocolate to cool and harden - yum!

Week Commencing 25.03.19


This week the children we will be reading Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne and they will be painting their models of animals. They will be talking about Mother’s Day and drawing pictures of their mum. They will be exploring length in Mathematics and have lots of other exciting activities and enhancements to choose from.  


Parent evenings are on Monday 25th March and Tuesday 26th March this week. 


We hope you can make Kites open afternoon on Wednesday 27th March from 14.00 - 15.00.

Week Commencing 18.03.19


The children have been listening to lots of Aesop’s Fables this week and talking about the lessons which can be learnt from them. On the Theme of the Hare and the Tortoise, Mrs Shadwell brought her little tortoise called Mr Hornbeam into Kites class to meet the children. The children were very interested in watching him and learning about his needs and how to care for him.

Forest Friday - Den building for the woodland animals

Mr Hornbeam

Mr Hornbeam  1
Mr Hornbeam  2
Mr Hornbeam  3
Mr Hornbeam  4

Some things we did this week

Some things we did this week 1 Marble painting
Some things we did this week 2 Wow! Marbles are called spheres!
Some things we did this week 3 Red Nose Day

Week commencing 11.03.19


This week we will make our woodland animal display, write stories about the Gingerbread man and make gingerbread biscuits. We will be naming and describing 2 and 3D shapes and will be talking about shapes as we design and make animals out of boxes and reclaimed materials. We are hoping to have a visit from Mrs Shadwell’s tortoise toward the end of the week too. We have a very busy and exciting week planned and hope the children will enjoy all the activities and learning.

Week commencing 04.03.19


We will be finding out about Pancake day this week, enjoying a visit from the children’s author Angela McAllister and will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday.


We will continue learning about our pets as we turn our playhouse into a veterinary surgery and our Dinosaur Den into an enchanted woodland which we hope will be visited by woodland animals that might live in our school grounds. We will be sorting plastic animals into sets such as big and little or animals that have legs and animals that have no legs.


The children have painted spring flowers, they will have the opportunity to make a collage of an animal which has either fur, feathers or scales and will begin to make a 3D junk model of an animal of their choice.


The children are working well in their daily phonics and becoming more confident applying learnt phonics in their reading and writing. We will be practising our estimation skills in Number and will be learning about days of the week and months of the year in Shape, Space and Measures.

Picture 1 Our visiting author - Angela McAllister
Picture 2 We learnt about how to look after a dog
Picture 3 Our class volcano erupted - it was amazing!

Week Commencing 25.02.19


This week we will be thinking about our pets as we start our new topic ‘Fur, Feathers and Scales’. In week two we will be finding out about British wildlife, then animals that live in cold climates, then animals that live in hot climates. We will also be finding out about animals that are endangered and what that means.


If you have any pets that might be willing to visit Kites class, we would be delighted to meet them so please come and talk to one of the adults in class.


Thank you!

Home Learning - 01.03.19

Some highlights from our week

Some highlights from our week  1 Visiting our pet hens
Some highlights from our week  2 Pet Hens
Some highlights from our week  3 We scatter pellets for the chickens to eat
Some highlights from our week  4 We top up the water for the chickens to drink
Some highlights from our week  5 Looking for signs of spring on our walk
Some highlights from our week  6 Evidence of animals living in the school grounds
Some highlights from our week  7 Fluff or fur from a rabbit?
Some highlights from our week  8 Looking for leaf buds
Some highlights from our week  9 Blue bells
Some highlights from our week  10 New stinging nettles
Some highlights from our week  11 We hung our Ice creations
Some highlights from our week  12 Beautiful ice creations
Some highlights from our week  13 We enjoyed making and hanging our work
Some highlights from our week  14 Proud of our Art
Some highlights from our week  15 "It's so cold!"
Some highlights from our week  16 "It feels cold and slippery."

Fur, Feathers and Scales - Topic Web

Home Learning 15.02.19

Some special events to remember this half term!

Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term

Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term  1 Sorting 'Dinosaurs' and 'Not dinosaurs'
Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term  2 Forest Friday Walks
Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term  3 Playing on the apparatus
Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term  4 Making friends
Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term  5 Writing stories and reading them to others
Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term  6 Kites reading their stories to Buzzards
Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term  7 Listening to Buzzards reading stories to us
Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term  8 Making Ice art
Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term  9 Fireman
Some highlights in the last two weeks of half term  10 Putting out the Great Fire of London!

Friday 01.02.19 - Snow Day


Dear Parents and Carers,

As the school is closed, I have compiled several tasks I feel would provide good learning opportunities to select from and complete with your children. Please select any or all you would like to complete and bring any items for marking, recording or commenting on into school on Monday.


Below is a list of suggestions to select from and complete today or over the weekend in any order you wish.



Suggested activities

Tick if completed


A walk in the snow – What can you see on the walk /feel/hear/smell?




Draw a picture and write about your winter walk. I have included a winter word mat for reference.




Build a snowman – Describe the snow how it look /feel/ what sound does it make?




Go sledging – Describe the snow. Can you explain why you think snow is good for sledging?




Winter Walk scavenger hunt – PDF of things to look for included.




Fill a container with water and leave over night. Check it in the morning. Describe what you see and why you think it has happened. 



Winter counting / recording – PDF included.




Read winter / snowy stories like The Snowy Day by Nick Butterworth or A Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats which explores sequence, watch:





Phonics play – There are several useful games such as Buried Treasure available free on the website. We use the website in school.




Top Marks Maths – this is a very good maths website aimed at developing mathematical concepts using games. The children enjoy playing some of the mathematical games (3-5 and 5-7 years) in school.





The home learning task to complete a weather chart is uploaded in PFD form. If you are unable to print the home learning, we will print it off and begin the chart on Monday next week and send it home next Friday for the children to complete at home.


Keep warm and safe and enjoy a fun filled winter weekend!


Week Commencing 29.01.19


The children will be reading and writing about The Three Billy Goats Gruff this week as they learn and apply PH2 and PH3 phonics. They will be counting, comparing, ordering and writing numbers in Mathematics. 


They will also help to set up and visit a role play Chinese restaurant as they learn about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated and will continue learning about dinosaurs. 


We are looking forward to an exciting week ahead!

Week Commencing 21.01.19


Week Commencing 14.01.19


This week we will continue finding out about dinosaur habitats, dinosaurs that laid eggs and fossils. We will continue our daily phonics with our focus this term on recognising and applying Phase 2 and 3 phonics confidently in reading and writing.


Our focus story this week is Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson which the children will participate in retelling and writing about the story. The children will write their thoughts about what might be inside a mysterious egg found in their classroom and they will also be writing care instructions for a baby dinosaur.


They will be practising our number formation, estimating and solving subtraction problems in Mathematics.


As part of our Author focus the children will be reading Stickman by Julia Donaldson again on Friday and will be making their own stickmen to accompany the story.


Please remember to practise the key ring sounds and to read and write the PH2 and 3 High Frequency words. I will send a new copy of the High Frequency Words home with the children tomorrow and have attached a copy for your information.


Thank you!

Phase 2 and 3 High Frequency Word mat

Spring Term 2019


Week Commencing 07.01.19


Welcome back this week! We hope you have all had a happy Christmas and New Year.


Our topical focus this term begins with Land of the Dinosaurs and Winter. This week we will begin describing and painting dinosaurs and will be reading Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson, who is also our Author Focus this half term. 


In daily Phonics this week, Butterflies and Ladybirds will cover the last four phonemes: oi, ear, air and er and will practise reading and spelling HFW (high Frequency Words) and CVC (consonant – vowel – consonant) words. Dragonflies will be revising and applying Phase 3 and will begin working on phase 4 Letters and Sounds this week.

We will be writing about our favourite Christmas present, labelling dinosaurs and writing a fact about a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


In Mathematics the children will be estimating, counting and comparing numbers using terms ‘greater/more’ and ‘fewer/less’. 


Please return all home learning by Wednesday and also Advent Reading Challenge Charts so we can award certificates in assembly on Friday this week. Thank you!


Home Learning - Dinosaurs 11.01.19

Looking for bugs and butterflies in WINTER

Looking for bugs and butterflies in WINTER 1
Looking for bugs and butterflies in WINTER 2
Looking for bugs and butterflies in WINTER 3
Looking for bugs and butterflies in WINTER 4

Father Christmas

Father Christmas 1
Father Christmas 2

Week Commencing 10.12.18


The children have learnt songs and rehearsed the Nativity play over the last couple of weeks and will have their dress rehearsal on Tuesday watched by the whole school and Wallop pre-school and will then perform their Nativity play and Wednesday and Thursday this week. We hope you can come to one of the performances and that you enjoy it as much as the children have enjoyed preparing for it.


When not rehearsing or performing the children will be reading the Christmas story, managing a class post Office, delivering letters for the Jolly Postman and making and writing Christmas cards. They will be making direct comparisons in weight and thinking about shape as they make a recycled pencil pot each. Enhancements include a range of Christmas books in the book corner, writing and posting Christmas cards, making a sleigh out of Lego, Duplo or reclaimed materials for Father Christmas.

Week Commencing 03.12.18

Week Commencing 03.12.18

Week Commencing 26.11.18


We continue our space theme as we travel to the moon with our new focus text - Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy. We will also watch a short clip called Rocket Man in which Monkey and a friend build a rocket and fly to the moon. The children will also find out facts about the moon including the first moon landing.


Children are making good progress in phase 2 and 3 phonics. Please continue to practise the keyring sounds, high frequency words and reading and writing regularly at home. Thank you! We will be sending new sounds and high frequency word cards home this week.


Our focus in Literacy is writing about Rocket Man and facts about the moon. Our focus in Mathematics is revising 2 and 3D shape names and their properties, counting and recording numbers.

Home Learning - Matchbox maths - 23.11.18


People who help us - Visit from the police


We were very grateful to have a visit from two police officers on Monday 12th November. The children were really excited, behaved impeccably and asked lots of good questions. They found out about some of the things police officers do, the equipment they carry including handcuffs and most of the children tried on some of the uniform including a very heavy police jacket! The children were delighted to round off the visit with an opportunity to see and sit in a police car.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Week Commencing 19.11.18


This week we launch off into space as we begin our new topical focus, ‘Zoom to the Moon’. We will begin by reading ‘Aliens love underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. The children have been designing aliens for home learning and will be painting them in school this week.

Enhancements include finding and splatting numbered aliens that are ‘one more’, making moon buggies for aliens, reading books about Space, making creative Solar Systems and writing postcards.


We will be writing about our favourite design of underpants, facts about Space and writing a postcard to send to the moon. Daily phonics will continue with all children beginning to learn Phase 3 phonemes (sounds). We will be counting and comparing sets and using vocabulary ‘more and less’ ‘greater and fewer’ in Mathematics. We will identify personal strengths and abilities to develop self-confidence in circle time.


We will be reading the traditional tale of the Three Little Pigs. The children will sort materials and then use magnets to investigate which are magnetic.


The children will be working collaboratively to make the sun and planets in our solar system for a wall display.


We are looking forward to an exciting week ahead.

Remembrance Day Assembly


The children made red Poppies to remember all the people who have died or been injured as a result of war and they made purple poppies to remember all the animals who also died or were injured.

Remembrance Day Assembly Poppies

Remembrance Day Assembly Poppies 1

Week commencing 12.11.18


We begin this week with a visit from PC Timothy Allen to meet and talk to the class about his work as a police officer on Monday. Our home corner will then transform into a crime scene prompting the children to use their observational and writing skills to look for and record any clues to help solve a mystery. Armed with evidence collected by the children the class will help to solve the mystery and restore law and order to the home corner.


Enhanced Provision this week includes writing names, paper clip patterns, ordering numbers, role play as detailed above, pattern making and painting superheroes.

Writing opportunities include a recount, writing a home address and a caption to help people stay safe.


The children will be learning about money and time in Mathematics including days of the week, o’clock times and months of the year.


In PE, the children will be using hoops and exploring movement to music in dance and Yoga.

We will end the week with a scavenger hunt for our Forest Friday activity now timetabled on Friday afternoons.


We look forward to another exciting week with Kites Class!

Week Commencing 05.11.18


We began the week by revising the story of Guy Fawkes and made firework pictures. We also talked about Remembrance Day and made poppies. The children made a red poppy to remember all those who lost their lives and a purple poppy to remember all the animals who died during the wars.


Enhancements to the curriculum included writing letters, adding numbers, making firework pictures on Draw2Paint and generating CVC words using magnetic letters and writing.


We were very proud of Kites Class who sat and listened very well throughout the Remembrance Day assembly on Friday morning.


We ended the week by reading the story of Stickman by Julia Donaldson and following the story went on a Forest Friday story trail in our school grounds.

Week Commencing 29.10.18


We are delighted to welcome the children back this week. Thank you to all those who have already brought their Home learning boxes back. We really look forward to talking about them this week and will return them safely soon. We have an exciting half term planned.


Topical Focus

We continue our topic about ‘People who help us’ this week with a greater focus on Transport. We will then build rockets and journey to Outer Space and will find out about Christmas around the world toward the end of the term. This week we are finding out about why many people celebrate Bonfire Night and we will be making poppies to mark Remembrance Day.



In phonics the children will practise Phase 2 Letters and Sounds and some children will consolidate Phase 2 and begin Phase 3. The children will continue to apply their knowledge of phonics to read and spell. The children will continue practising their letter formation and writing in various contexts. Many children can now write all letters in their names correctly and are ready to receive certificates to celebrate this. Please encourage and support children who are still working toward this achievement. Thank you.   



The Mathematical focus this week will be on adding and subtracting and simple ways of recording.



PLEASE read frequently with your children. READING frequently at home is proven to have a HUGE impact on progress in reading and learning to read provides HUGE opportunities for learning.


Your support reading at home is greatly appreciated! Thank you

Week Commencing 15.10.18


This week Kites will continue to think about people who help us with a particular focus on People in the community. They will also be thinking about bats, spiders and other animals that might come out at night as they explore the concept of time in Mathematics. We will be role-playing shops, a doctor’s surgery and acting out the story of the little Red Hen.


In phonics the children will focus on applying Phase 2 sounds as they blend and segment Phase 2 High Frequency and CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant). We will also be encouraging the children to ‘write’ shopping lists to take with them when visiting the farm shop.


In Maths the children will participate in activities such as beat the clock and what’s the time Mr Wolf as they find out more about time and will end the week by comparing weight in practical activities.


We have a busy week ahead and look forward to working with the children for the last week before their first half term holiday!

Week commencing 08.10.18


We bring together our focus theme ‘Getting to know me!’ with a story called Funny Bones. The children have talked about their own skeletons and have cut, assembled and glued a skeleton back together.


During the week we begin thinking about people who help us at home, school and in the community. We also think about the impact of Autumn weather on animals which are likely to be living in the school grounds.


Phonics we will be revising all the PH2 sounds and applying our knowledge of phonic sounds to blend to read and segment to spell words. Please practise the single sounds on the key rings frequently at home. Thank you!


The children will focus on counting, recognising numbers and comparing sets in Mathematics this week.


We will also be making clay hedgehogs and making and tasting yummy vegetable soup toward the end of the week!

Guide Dog Assembly

Guide Dog Assembly  1

Exploring the sense of taste

Exploring the sense of taste  1

Week Commencing 01.10.18


With autumn well under way, the children will begin the week exploring the colours of leaves and making autumn tree pictures. We will use a listening bag to develop listening skills and will also be developing listening skills as the children try to guess the contents of tins. We will also be exploring and describing textures and making small texture boards. We will be talking about ways we have changed since we were babies and exploring feelings and emotions in circle time too.


In Literacy we will be reading lots of stories and will continue to encourage writing and letter formation. New sounds the children will be covering in phonics this week include h, b, f, ff, I, ll and ss. We will also begin learning PH2 Tricky words: I, no, go, to, into and we will be reading simple captions as a group.


In Mathematics the children will be counting, matching numerals to sets and making direct comparisons in length.


We have lots of exciting enhancements for ‘Play and Learn’ time this week with adults available to support and extend learning.


We will be hunting for animals in the school grounds on a Forest Walk and will be talking about animal activity in autumn.

Home Learning - Length - 28.09.18

Week Commencing 24.09.18


This week the children will talk about things that contribute to good health including food, exercise, staying safe and personal hygiene. They will practise using their senses on a listening walk around school and when making musical shakers. They will be exploring and describing textures and sniffing unusual smelly socks.


We will practise identifying initial sounds in words and forming letters to represent these. In phonics the children will be learning new sounds: ck, e, u, r. They will practise blending for reading and segmenting for spelling words and captions using letter sets 1-4.


The children will practise counting and will be naming and exploring properties of 2 and 3D shape in class and around the school.


On Friday the children will be talking about seasons and looking for signs of Autumn which are now evident in the school grounds.


Home Learning - My Name (21.09.18)

Week Commencing 17.09.18


This week the children will be finding out about their senses, talking about emotions, rules and why we have them at home and in school. They will be covering new sounds: d, g, o and k in phonics this week and will be practising number recognition, counting and comparing weight using balance scales. They will be making their first trip to the library on Monday afternoon and will finish the week off with a scavenger hunt for their Forest Friday activity.


Parent Workshop

There is a Parent workshop on Tuesday 18th September starting at 15.30 and being repeated at 16.30. We will be looking at the EYFS Curriculum, Letters and Sounds (Phonics) and talking about the Tapestry online learning Journal. If you are unable to make Tuesday we will gather and send all the handouts home and will upload the presentation to the class page to make sure you do not miss out!

Topic Web and information letter - Getting to know Me

Welcome to Kites class page! We have had a wonderful week welcoming back familiar faces and getting to know lots of new children and parents. The children have settled very quickly and are taking lots of changes and new routines in their stride. 


There have been many highlights this week which we will report on in more detail once we know which photos we can include. 


As well as lots of settling, exploring and establishing friendships and routines the children have demonstrated lots of their knowledge, skills and understanding. We will continue assessing the children as they engage in their learning in order to make on entry assessments and to plan effectively for their learning. 


I will email a link for the Online Tapestry Learning Journal soon. When it arrives please activate your account so you can view and add observations too. There will be an information workshop on the EYFS Curriculum, Letters and Sounds and Tapestry later this term and details will follow shortly.


The children have begun a short daily phonics input and have covered the sounds s, a and t this week.


Have a lovely restful weekend and we look forward to seeing the children again next week!

Home Learning 07.09.18

Kites - information 07.09.18

A parent guide - What to expect when