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Kites YR - Mrs Morrissey and Mrs Sheldrick

Welcome to Kites Class - 2021/2022

Welcome to Kites Class - Reception


Class Teachers: Mrs Morrissey and Mrs Sheldrick

LSA: Mrs Lambert



Tuesday 26 April 2022


Today we said goodbye to our butterflies! 

Home Learning 18th February 2022


Hello Kites!


Today you will be learning from home while the wind blows outside. There are lots of fun activities you can do to practise your phonics and maths. If you are able to go online, there are some great games to play on Phonics Play and Top Marks. If not then you might try some of these ideas:



- work through a couple of pages of your phonics booklet that you brought home in your bag yesterday

- can you draw a jungle animal and label it using your phonics? (ears, teeth, tail, back, neck, legs)

- go round your house with some sticky labels/post its and see if you can write the first sound of 10 objects

- read your book from school



- can you make a number line? Draw a line and write on the numbers from 0 to 10

- count how many steps it takes you to walk from your bedroom to your kitchen, then count the steps from your kitchen to your bathroom. Which number is bigger?

- have a look at the socks in your drawer. Can you sort them into colour groups? How many in each group? Can you sort them by length?

- line up some of your teddies or toys. Can you sort them by height? How many can you manage to include in your line?



In class we were looking at the different activities the zoo vet got up to on each day of the week. Ask a grown up to write out the days of the week on a piece of paper and then draw a picture or write what you like to do on each of the days.


If you can, take some photos and upload them to Tapestry. We'd love to see what you can do. 


Have a lovely half term holiday and stay safe!


Mrs Sheldrick

Mrs Morrissey and

Mrs Lambert




Thank you to all the parents that joined our Zoom Phonics / Reading workshop on 19th January. We have set up links to the slides and resources below. 

Phonics / Reading Kites (EYFS) Parents Workshop

Phonics Phase 2 Sounds

Still image for this video
Mrs Sheldrick demonstrates the sounds.

Phonics Phase 3 Sounds

Still image for this video
Mrs Sheldrick demonstrates the sounds.


Here are some video montages of the ways we are learning to recognise numbers and quantities.

Kites Book of One

Still image for this video

Kites Book of Two

Still image for this video

Kites Book of Three

Still image for this video

Seasonal Adventures

Kites go into the Jungle

Still image for this video

Kites Pumpkin Fun!

Still image for this video
The children took turns and waited patiently when playing with the pumpkins. They loved scooping out the gloopy pulp inside. They used their fine motor skills to pick up the pumpkin seeds with tweezers and they investigated the different textures by looking through a magnifying glass.