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Eagles Y5/6 Miss Ryall

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Welcome to Eagles Class - Y5/6


Teacher - Miss Ryall

LSA - Mrs Fowler



Tuesday 26th June


A huge well done to all those who represented the school at sports tournaments last week - it was a very busy week but you all did extremely well.


We are continuing to work hard in lessons as well as spending more time on our play ready for the end of the year. In English, we're finishing our Shakespeare topic by writing our discussion texts and we've begun reading Kick by Mitch Johnson ready for our football English unit.


In maths, we've continued working on fractions which is something we have struggled with in the past. We're focusing on calculations and using diagrams to make sure we understand what we are doing fully.

Tuesday 5th June


Welcome back to school - I hope you had a fantastic holiday.


This half term, our topic will be 'Take the Stage'. In English, we will be focusing on Shakespeare's Macbeth and producing some writing which the year 6 children will be giving to the Secondary Schools. We will also be starting rehearsals for the end of year play which we are really looking forward to.


This week, some of the children are on the Isle of Wight for their residential experience and will be taking part in a range of exciting activities. Those children who are still in school are also involved in some interesting activities including learning circus skills and a visit to Moors Valley.

Friday 20th April

I hope you all had a lovely break. The children have come back well-rested and eager to learn.


This half term our topic is Fairgrounds and we have a lot of exciting plans. We're going to be designing and building our own moving fairground rides, learning about forces and we're even planning a trip to Paultons Park in the final week this half term.


We also started a unit of work based on the text Leon and the Place Between. The children have been looking at how atmosphere is built and using their imaginations to think about what The Place Between could be like. In mathematics, we've been working on ratio and proportion using images to support us.


Finally we've also chosen our end of year production and will be holding auditions before half term.

Oxford Trip

On Monday 12th March, we were lucky enough to visit both the Oxford Natural History museum and Pitt Rivers museum. The children had a fantastic day and were able to learn more about the Maya which they are now using to write information texts.


Thursday 1st March

Unfortunately, school has had to close today due to the severe weather. Below is an outline of the work the children could do during the day.


English - As today is World Book Day, a lot of time was going to be spent doing 'Drop Everything And Read' throughout the day. Given the cold weather, it is a perfect opportunity to curl up with a good book and do exactly that.


Maths - I have set some additional questions on prodigy maths based on our next unit of work (which we were due to start on Friday). If children can attempt the questions, this will hopefully give them a secure start for the unit. 


Topic - Our current topic is Mexico so children could create a leaflet or poster about Mexico. They could either choose a specific area to research (e.g. food, rivers etc) or be more general and give brief details on a number of areas.


Whatever you choose to do - enjoy the day!

Friday 2nd February


Another wonderful in eagles class - mature attitudes, incredible story writing and fractions work.


In English, we've been writing the final draft of our survival stories which Miss Ryall has really enjoyed reading. We are now in the process of typing them up to create a class book which we will put in the library. Please come in and check out our completed stories. We've also started a unit on fractions which has focused on being able to find equivalent fractions using 'the invisible times table'. This comes in very handy when we have to order fractions or add and subtract them.


Miss Ryall has also been amazed by the very mature attitude shown during sex and relationships education lessons. We all listen very well and have posed interesting questions which have helped widen our understanding. Final lesson next week!

Friday 26th January

It has been another busy week in Eagles class as we've experimented with watercolours, painted some frozen landscapes and written some incredible survival stories. As well as this, the year 6 children had another go at some SATs papers and they did incredibly well. They focused on doing their best and kept a positive attitude which is all we ask for.


A favourite activity for many this week was the art work. We began by experimenting using watercolours which many of us found quite difficult. It is very different to painting with normal paints and we often needed reminding to add more water! After this, we used these skills to paint some beautiful backgrounds for a frozen landscape before starting to build in some detail in the foreground. Hopefully this is something we can complete next week.

Friday 19th January


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break - sorry for the delay in posting an update.


We have been working very hard this term on our topic 'Frozen Kingdom'. We began by learning about Kenojuak Ashevak, an Inuit artist, and have been trying to develop similar styles and techniques in our sketchbooks. Hopefully we will be able to upload some photographs of our art work soon.


In English, we've been reading true-life stories of people surviving incredible situations and we've also learnt to use colons to link sentences which Miss Ryall is very impressed with.


We have focused hard on our place value knowledge so far this term in mathematics, using resources to create numbers and demonstrate a deep understanding of number.

Friday 8th December

Another amazing week in Eagles class with beautiful art work, amazing arithmetic skills and some superb story writing.


This week the children have begun writing stories based in WWII which brings to an end the work we have done on Letters from the Lighthouse. Miss Ryall is particularly impressed with the way they are beginning to experiment with sentences and add extra clauses to keep their writing detailed.


Over recent weeks, we have been working incredibly hard on our arithmetic skills. Every month we do an arithmetic test with the aim of improving our scores each time. Inbetween, we do daily tasks to help us work on skills we're finding more difficult. On Friday we completed the December arithmetic scores and Miss Ryall is delighted with the results. Make sure to ask the children on Monday how much they improved!


We've also been tackling a lot of art work this week. As part of our study of Henry Moore, we experimented with charcoal and chalk to re-create work in his style. Next week we will be creating our final pieces which we hope to share photographs of on the website. The star decorations are also now hanging in the hall so hopefully you will get a chance to see them at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday. See you there!

Friday 1st December


The festive period has finally arrived and we are enjoying adding a little Christmas excitement into our work. We've begun working on our stars which will be hung in the hall ready for the Christmas Fayre next weekend - hopefully we will see you there.


As well as this, we've continued our story writing journey in English. We had a go at writing a section of a story this week and the language and sentence openers were beautiful! Miss Ryall was particularly impressed by the language which children had remembered from Vocabulary Ninja and used in their work. Visit the Vocabulary Ninja website and challenge your family to use the words at home.


In topic work, we've written letters as though we had been evacuated in World War II. We even got to tea stain the paper ourselves which was great fun and we're very pleased with the results.

Friday 24th November


This week we began a new journey in English based on the story 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll. We've already learnt a great deal about WWII and evacuation from the book and we're looking forward to writing our own stories set in that time period.


In maths, we've worked hard on using our knowledge of mathematical vocabulary to solve problems. Feel free to ask us questions to check we haven't forgotten what prime numbers, squared numbers, multiples and factors are! We've also been practising the written method of multiplication with the aim of being able to multiply a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number.


There are no spelling lists this week as the children are working on their own personal spelling lists. They should've copied the words down themselves into their reading diaries so they can practise this week.


Friday 3rd November


We have had a fantastic first week back and the children have been working hard (as always). In English, we've begun writing war poetry inspired by our topic and our current class book Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. In maths, Mr Lambert has been taking the majority of the year 5's to work on place value and number while the year 6's have tackled ratio and proportion. Alongside this we've started our new topic and you can see more detail about that on our topic web.

Welcome Back


I hope you all had a wonderful half term and are well rested. We have a new topic this half term: 'Remembrance'. We will be learning about WWII and investigating the impact that it has had on Wallop.


Thank you so much to all parents who came along to Spy School. It was lovely to see so many of you enjoying the activities and seeing the children's homework projects. Please also look at the photographs from out recent science day - it was a fantastic day and the children learnt a great deal. They particularly enjoyed the lego mindstorms where they learnt how to program a robot.

Friday 13th October


This week we have been busy preparing for our 'Spy School' afternoon next week which you should've received invitations to. Hopefully we will see you then.


In English, we've continued our work on Stormbreaker and had a go at writing a chapter of an Alex Rider story. We focused on varying our sentence openers and produced some superb writing. This will be on display in the classroom next week so please have a look.


In maths, we ended our unit on fractions which has been our most successful unit so far. The children really benefited from using diagrams to secure their understanding when they were converting between different denominators and adding fractions.


We've also continued our work on website building which we are hoping to share with you next week (although we have had some access problems which have slowed progress. We discussed the UN rights of the child in PSHE and continued our fantastic rugby work in PE. 

Friday 29th September


Due to bikeability next week (Year 6) there will be no spelling test next Friday. The children have selected their own spellings to practise in their reading diaries based on errors in their English books.


It has been another busy week in eagles class as we have started a new English unit based around Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz and continued developing our written methods in mathematics. Probably the most exciting moment of the week was seeing how many batteries it took to 'blow up' a bulb in science - we weren't sure whether the bulbs would continue getting brighter constantly or whether they'd eventually stop working. Several groups managed to get to a point where the bulb broke and there were lots of shouts of excitement!


A few parents have been to see me recently to discuss homework. Thank you for your feedback - we are going to discuss this as a staff and there may be some changes made. If anyone else has any thoughts, please let me know.


We have also booked some workshops with Winchester Science Museum who will be coming out on Monday 16th October for a science day. Letters will follow this week but it should be a fantastic day! 

Friday 22nd September


Well done to the children for showing an excellent attitude towards the SATs papers they had a go at this week. They all recognised that it was an opportunity for them to see what the tests are like and show what they know and there was no need for stress and worry! We will be using the tests to identify areas to work on and this information will be passed on to you at the next parents evening.


Alongside the test papers, we have also continued our English work based on 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan. We are now ready to write some persuasive letters to our parents - watch out for these when you come to spy school in a few weeks! Our work on The Lost Thing is now drawing to a close and we're excited to start an English unit based on Stormbreaker next week!


This week we also 'finished' our DT projects which involved making a quiz which used electricity. We have had varying levels of success and frustration but everyone worked hard and these will also be on display at our Spy School in October. 


Friday 8th September


Welcome back to both parents and children. I hope you all enjoyed your first week back and any nerves or worries are a distant memory.


This week we have been working hard to establish routines in the classroom and get started on our new topic. We begun learning about the history of computing and making simple circuits to prepare us for some of the fun which is to follow this half term. If you want to know more about our topic, please look at the topic web below.


We are hoping to end this half term with a 'Spy School' (linked to our current class book: Stormbreaker) which we will be inviting parents to so look out for your invitation in a few week's time.

Please remember it is sports day this Friday. All parents are invited to join us from 9.15am.