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Eagles Y5/6 Miss Ryall

Welcome to Eagles Class 2022/23

Welcome to Eagles Class - Y5/6


Teacher - Miss Ryall

LSA - Mrs Fowler



24th February



It has been lovely to welcome back all our lovely Eagles after the half term break. This week, we've got stuck into our new topic: Ancient Greece. The week kicked off with the children being transported back in time to the Ancient Greek period and having a go at some of the events in the Olympics. The children particularly enjoyed the ribbon dancing!

In English, we've been finding out about the Minotaur and using synonyms to describe the beast. In maths, we've been practising using written methods to complete calculations and then using these skills to solve word problems.

8th February


It has been a hard-working week in Eagles class as the children have knuckled-down and had a go at some SATs papers so they know what to expect. The results from these will be shared at parents evenings but the children are making good progress. These papers have taken place when we would usually have English and maths lessons but we have still found time to practise using negative numbers and speech marks.


As well as this, we've been learning the correct shooting technique in netball which has been great fun. We've also begun working on our space-themed toys in DT but this will definitely need some more work after half term in order to complete them. 

1st February


In mathematics, we have continued looking at shape and have been focusing on angles. We are now able to work out the size of missing angles. In english, we've finished writing our reports about Pandora. We have worked incredibly hard to make sure that our sentences are all amazing including using parenthesis and a range of conjunctions. Our favourite lesson of the week was RE where we shared our own personal food rituals including lots of amazing family traditions. We also began our RSE work this week where the children learnt about the emotional changes which can happen during puberty. Next week, the year 6's will be having a go at some SATs papers and the year 5 children will also be completing some assessments. The results from these will be shared at parents evening.

18th January


It has been another busy week in Eagles class with lots of children taking part in Young Voices in London on Monday. On Tuesday, the year 5 children attended a STEM event at The Army Flying Museum which they thoroughly enjoyed. This gave the year 6 children an opportunity to have an introduction to algebra and they were surprised with how easy it can be. We have been writing information texts about the animals which can be found on Pandora and practising our skills in editing. Our second drafts were really impressive and showed off our writing skills well.

6th January

Welcome back. This week, Eagles class have begun their new topic 'Space'. We have started learning about the planets in our Solar System and Miss Ryall has been blown away by the children's knowledge! The year 6 children have also taken part in bikeability sessions where they've learnt to ride safely on the road and navigate different junctions. In English we've been making silly sentences using different conjunctions and playing around with the order of the clauses. In maths, we've recapped our knowledge of Roman numerals.

7th December

It has been another busy week in Eagles class. We have been working hard on writing our persuasive letters to encourage the characters in our book to reconsider their treatment of the Jewish people. In maths, we've finished our work on decimals and have begun looking at measurements. We are currently looking at finding the perimeter and area of rectangles and shapes made from rectangles. This week, we've enjoyed a pantomime in the afternoon and a large number of children took part in a football tournament on Tuesday. As well as this, we've continued learning about how animals are adapted to their environments in science and designed our own animals to live in a particular habitat.

30th November


This week, Eagles class and Owls class went to the Army Flying Museum to learn more about world war 2 and history in the local area. The children particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to play on a helicopter and exploring a 1940's house. Look below to see photographs from our day. In maths, we've been working on rounding decimals and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. In English, we've been delving into the world of colons and semi-colons.

23rd November 


Since our last update, Eagles class have begun a new unit of work in English based on the book Rose Blanche. It ties in with our work on world war 2 as we begin to look at how the war impacted different people. In maths, we finished our unit on fractions and are now working on improving our knowledge of decimals with up to 3 decimal places. In PSHE, we've been talking about how we would respond to unknown adults in different situations.

Autumn Term  - Week 1

It has been great to be back this and get stuck into our new topic: World War 2. This week, we have been researching some of the soldiers from Wallop who fought in the world wars and died. The children really enjoyed learning about their lives and having an understanding of the real impact of war. In English, we've started a poetry unit and have been reading In Flanders Fields and learning to read poems aloud with confidence. In maths, we have been tackling short division and long division and solving word problems with remainders. One of our favourite lessons this week was learning the Charleston in PE!