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Welcome to Eagles Class 2018/19

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Welcome to Eagles Class - Y5/6


Teacher - Miss Ryall

LSAs - Mrs Fowler, Mrs Pickering and Mrs Eyles



Friday 7th June


Apologies for the lack of updates recently; it has been very busy in class with SATs.


This week, we started our new topic "The Med" and have begun learning about climate zones. In english, we've been learning about Venice and thinking about clever ways of putting together facts in sentences. You can see some examples of this in the photographs below.

Thursday 4th April


This week has seen the end of our topic on the vikings. To celebrate, we invited parents in to share our learning with them. We sang some of the viking songs we had learnt in music, let them taste the bread we made in DT and shared our work on display and in our books.


Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend. Have a lovely Easter.

Friday 22nd March


It has been another busy week in eagles class. We have begun a unit on poetry in English which ended with us writing our own poems about Loki the viking God - some of these can be seen in the photographs below. You can also see the drawings we did of viking artefacts to practise using the skills we learnt before Christmas.

Friday 15th March


Apologies for the lack of updates recently. We have been working very hard! 


This week we have written our newspaper reports which we are putting up on display in the classroom. You will be able to see these when you visit for our end of term parent afternoon.


We've also been getting stuck into our topic - the vikings! We have learnt saga songs which have helped us learn a great deal about the Gods and Goddesses as well as improve our understanding of viking mythology.

Friday 1st February


As we are unable to open the school today, I encourage all children to take the opportunity to work through the homework pages that were given out yesterday. It would also be a good time to go back through your homework books and do some extra practise on anything you've struggled with. 


You could also continue your research for your Anglo-Saxon projects so that you have lots of information ready for the next topic lesson.


Have a lovely day.

Friday 11th January


Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful break.

This week, we have begun our Anglo-Saxons topic and we've already begun making our own Anglo-Saxon pots using clay. As well as this, we've started dance in PE and begun reading Gravenhunger. Miss Ryall has been particularly impressed with the amazing descriptions of Gravenhunger that we wrote. Please check below for photographs of some of our work.

Friday 30th November

This week we have finished our research projects on natural disasters. This involved us putting our knowledge and skills together in teams to produce displays which can be seen below. We are now moving on to a drawing project in topic lessons. So far we have begun practising our skills with pencil and charcoal which we will use to draw mountain and volcano landscapes.


In English, we've begun our next unit inspired by Drowning in Plastic. We are very excited to try and make some real changes by writing to a range of companies and MPs to encourage them to make better choices for the world.

Friday 23rd November


This week we have been delving into decimals and percentages using lots of resources to 'show' decimal numbers and convert between them, fractions and percentages. We were also lucky enough to carry out the 'Little Life Saver' training which was very interesting and a very useful skill to have.

Friday 16th November


Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I have been unwell but I will include photographs below from the past 2 weeks so nothing is missed. 


Eagles class have been simply amazing this week with a record number of house points being given out!

Friday 19th October


Happy half term!

Our final week this half term has been spent catching up on our topic work and with the Year 6 children taking part in bikeability. We have built constellation viewers, moving models of the Earth, Moon and Sun and learnt about the phases of the moon.

I hope you all have a wonderful half term and I will see you on Tuesday 30th October.

Friday 12th October

This week has been a creative week as have finally built our 'perfect' rockets. We used the results from our investigations to choose materials and sizes. Next week, we are hoping to test out the rockets to see which ones fall most slowly on their return to Earth.

Friday 5th October


This week we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Winchester Science Museum and photographs from the day can be seen below along with some photographs of the children creating their own stop motion animation.

Friday 28th September

What a great week we've had in Eagles class! We are currently designing the perfect rocket and this has involved investigating what material to build the rocket from as well as what material the parachute for the return landing should be made from. Soon we will be putting all this knowledge together to build our rockets and they will then be on display.


Please check out the photographs below to see some of our fantastic work. 

Friday 14th September


What a fantastic first full week back!  

This week, we have been working hard on our models of the solar system. We have practised mixing paint colours, painted planets and then used papier mache to build 3d planets. They haven't quite gone according to plan but we still learnt a great deal about painting.


In english, we wrote some information texts about some of the creatures that live on the planet Pandora and in mathematics we have been doing lots of rounding. You can see some of our work in the photographs below. You can also find this week's homework pages on a photograph below.


Have a fantastic weekend.

Meet the Teacher


Thank you to those parents who came along to the 'Meet the Teacher' afternoon. I hope you found it useful. 


I have included the PowerPoint below if you were unable to attend (or need a refresh!)

Welcome To Eagles Class


I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday. I look forward to seeing all the children back in school on Tuesday 4th September and hopefully I will see lots of the parents at 'Meet the Teacher' on the same day at 3:30 or 4:30. This will give me an opportunity to go through the plans for the class and also to answer any questions you may have.


I have  uploaded the long term plan and the topic web for our first topic: Space. Enjoy the rest of the holiday!