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Eagles Y5/6 Miss Ryall

Welcome to Eagles Class 2020/21

Welcome to Eagles Class - Y5/6


Teacher - Miss Ryall

LSA - Mrs Fowler



Friday 6th June


This week, Eagles class started their new topic 'Survivor' with a lot of excitement. They've taken part in lots of learning outside, including identifying different trees from their leaves and carrying out a scavenger hunt. On Thursday, they walked through Nether Wallop to draw some landscapes and some sketch maps.

Friday 21st May


This week, Eagles class have been excited to take part in lots of practical activities. In geography, we went outside to gather some information about the school grounds including temperature, amount of sunlight and wind speed. Next week, we will be using this information to help us design our own fairgrounds on the school grounds. In science, we are learning about forces and this week we measured the weight of items in water and in air to understand the impact of upthrust.


In English, we're getting ready to write our own newspaper reports and we've carried out drama activities to think about different levels of formality. In maths, we've begun a unit on multiplication and division by getting to grips with some tricky language - multiples, factors and common factors.

Friday 30th April


This week has been a very exciting week for Eagles Class as we have been doing a lot of fun and educational activities such as music and science! In Maths we have been learning how to calculate percentages, use negative numbers in context and use roman numerals. In English this week, we have been learning how to make a formal newspaper report and now we are going to write our own newspaper report. Eagles class has also been busy creating their own sketch maps (look below for photos!) 

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Friday 4th December


It's been an exciting week in Eagles class as we have been busy writing our replies to our German penpals. We loved reading their letters and we're hoping to get our replies to them before Christmas! In English this week, we've been learning about using semi-colons and colons in our writing and now we're going to use them in our own persuasive letters. In maths, we're continuing our work on fractions and have started multiplying fractions using diagrams to prove our answers (look out for that on the homework this week!)



Friday 20th November


It has been another busy week in Eagles class. We have finished our unit on poetry and have some beautiful remembrance poems on display in the school. Next week, we will be starting a new english unit based on the book Rose Blanche.


In maths, we have just begun a unit on fractions (Miss Ryall's favourite maths unit!). We are learning how to use diagrams and pictures to help us solve a range of calculations.

Friday 16th October


This week, Eagles class have knuckled down and are showing more focus when completing their work. They've been looking at speech punctuation in english and next week will be applying this to their own Alex Rider stories. In maths, we finished out work on shape and also spent some time learning how to use co-ordinates in all four quadrants. 


We used an excellent game when learning about co-ordinates and if you want to play at home just click here.

Friday 2nd October


This week in Eagles class we have finished writing up our own gadget designs. Miss Ryall was really impressed with our detail and expanded noun phrases. In maths, we've continued our unit on geometry and we've spent a lot of time getting to grips with angles and working out how big missing angles are.


In science, we're really enjoying learning about electricity. This week we've begun developing our investigative skills finding out what happens to a bulb when you continue adding more cells. We were surprised by the results!


Friday 25th September


It's been another busy week in Eagles class. We've continued our English work based on the book Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. We are now designing our own gadgets which could be used by a teenage super-spy and next week we'll be writing all about them. As part of this, we've been recapping how to punctuate lists correctly and learning how to use colons and semi-colons for more complicated lists.


In maths, we've finished our unit on place value and we've just begun some work on geometry. We've begun looking at angles, focusing particularly on identifying missing angles at a point. 


As well as that, we've finally begun our DT work which has been very exciting. We've been practising using tools to make photographs frames as we will need these skills for when we come to build our spy cars.

Friday 11th September


We have had a wonderful first week to the year. The children have worked incredibly hard and are now back into the swing of things.


Our topic this term is Secret Agents and Codebreakers and we've already been learning about Morse Code! As well as that we've begun reading Stormbreaker which is about a teenage boy who starts work for MI6.


In English, we've been recapping our understanding of nouns and expanded noun phrases and have now moved on to recapping our knowledge on simple and compound sentence. In mathematics, we've worked hard on our number knowledge - reading, writing and ordering numbers with up to 7 digits!


Homework for the week is on seesaw and a copy can also be downloaded below if needed. Spellings will be sent home on Monday.


Remember, if you do have any questions, I can be easily contacted by e-mail:


Have a lovely weekend.