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The School's Vision

At Wallop Primary School we have an aspirational culture, where high expectations and self-motivation enable every individual to attain personal success, manage their health and wellbeing and take pride in their achievements.


We strive to be a community where children grow, learn, and aspire together. Through engagement with our British values children will become role models to each other, fully prepared for life in modern Britain.

We aim to promote a love of learning within a secure and welcoming community in which every person matters.


We want our learners to GROW to be Self- confident children able to achieve their full potential; fully able to recognise and celebrate their own strengths as well as being equipped to identify areas for development and improvement.




Where children LEARN from a vibrant curriculum, inspiring children to become life-long learners equipped with the tools to ask questions, research, analyse information and question accuracy. Wallop Children will be prepared for a world that is constantly changing.





We want the children to ASPIRE so that they accept no limitations, who aspire to be the best that they can be, are encouraged and supported in their ambitions and to ‘dream big’.


In doing this they will work TOGETHER to collaborate and communicate their ideas

effectively; they recognise and value their role within the various communities to which they belong; Children who are able to make friends across the school, with older children becoming role models for younger ones; able to deal with disagreements in an understanding manner. Wallop children are proud of their school, their wider community and the part they play within those.


We recognise the vital role of the family in the development of the whole child and know that children thrive when they feel safe, cherished and valued. We strive to create a strong supportive relationship, in which school and family work hand in hand.