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From a survey on Wallop Primary School's Greatest strengths. October 2020


"Wallop is a small school, which allows its staff to focus on each child as an individual. My daughter is happy there and I feel like it provides stability."


"Pastoral care is excellent."


"Good communication with parents/carers. Very friendly atmosphere and staff are always attentive and engaging. Ability to offer breakfast and after school clubs for working parents and carers."


"[You make] new children feel at home and welcome."


"[You make] sure children are educated in values and self belief, not just the curriculum."


"You are the first school that has truly listened to my concerns about my child's learning needs."


"[Your greatest strength is] your staff!!!!Every member of staff is approachable, helpful and very helpful. The teachers are amazing and my daughter has come on in leaps and bounds. Any concerns I have has always been dealt with professionally."


"As Wallop is a small school, all of the staff know all the children and there is a strong community feeling.".


"The animals at school are brilliant."


"My children have recently moved to Wallop and are both settling in well.

They have been made to feel welcome by staff and pupils, and to feel safe and cared for by the staff."


"Office communications are fantastic."


"The school has a great community feel. We have found it to be hugely welcoming and very inclusive. Both children are happier now than they have ever been in school (and we thought they were happy at their last school!) We have found the communication amazing and the way any comments or concerns or worries are dealt with by everyone in the school is a huge strength. Your openness is an asset & strength."






With regard to Lockdown (March to July 2020)



"During this time, myself and my husband felt the support from the school and Headteacher in general was above & beyond. Not only supporting our children but supporting myself through a difficult time."


"The school have been so supportive through lockdown, from Zoom classes, assemblies,continuing with the celebration assemblies and recognition for the children working hard through lockdown was lovely..."


"I can not fault the school in any way. A fabulous and supportive bunch of staff juggling the safety of their own families, our children's and delivering some very good online learning..."


"The Herculean efforts made by all staff to keep the children safe, active and learning were hugely appreciated…"


"I cannot thank the school enough for their amazing support. They took into account our changing family situation, marked work daily, were always in contact, delivered new reading books, sent videos. Absolutely amazing. Thank you!"



"Wallop Primary did an amazing job during the Covid lockdown. My child was set appropriate work every day and thrived during this time. Having spoken to friends and family all over the country this was not the experience shared by all."