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Welcome to Eagles Class 2019/20

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Welcome to Eagles Class - Y6


Teacher - Miss Ryall

LSA - Mrs Fowler



Friday 14th February


Another half term is complete and this has seen us completing work related to our Frozen Kingdom topic. We were excited to finish our printing work inspired by the art of Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak. It is very difficult to print with multiple colours but our completed pieces can be seen below and are also on display in the school.


Friday 7th February


We've completed our 'Have a Go' week and the children have all done extremely well! I was particularly impressed with the hard-working attitude that all children showed throughout the week. Results will be shared at parents evening next week.


We've been looking at pie charts this week and this led to some very challenging work on Friday attempting to draw our own! We're also coming to the end of our topic on Frozen Kingdom and have been considering what the Arctic might be like in 2050. Hopefully the children will have lots of ideas about how they can help battle against climate change.



English - p10 and 11

Maths - p78 and 79

Maths (advanced) - p80 and 81

Friday 31st January

This week we have begun looking at discussion texts in english and have started writing our own related to our class book: The Wolf Wilder. In maths, we're currently in the middle of a unit on statistics and we've been practising reading line graphs and pie charts.


Just a reminder for the children - next week we're doing a "Have a Go" week and will be having a go at some SATs papers so we can get used to their style. 



English - p16 and 17

Maths - p76 and 77

Maths (advanced) - p78 and 79

Friday 24th January



English - p48-49

Maths - p70-71

Maths (advanced) - p72-73

Friday 17th January


Apologies for the lack of an update and homework last week but I was unwell. It has been lovely to get back to teaching the children this week. In Maths, we've been tackling angles and the children have really improved their protractor skills and can now draw shapes accurately. In English, we're using the book Survivors to motivate us and we've focused on using detailed sentences. Our topic this half term is 'Frozen Kingdom' and we've been learning about the Arctic and Antarctica.



English - p19 and 20

Maths - p64 and 65

Maths (advanced) - p62 and 63

Friday 13th December


Another busy week in the build up to the holidays. This week we have carried out a few investigations in maths which have involved teamwork and combining different area of maths. Photographs of one of the investigations can be seen below.



Daily reading and spellings should be recorded in reading diaries and the following pages should be completed in homework books:

English - p22 and 23

Maths - p58 and 59

Maths (advanced) - p4 and 5



Friday 6th December



English - p74 and 75 (the shus sound)

Maths - p56 and 57 (perimeter)

Maths (advanced level) - p55 and 56 (perimeter)

Friday 29th November


This week we have finished out war poetry. These have now been written up for display and will soon be up in the school to see alongside our Remembrance artwork. In maths, we've been tackling algebra this week and realising that it is not as difficult as it seems! 


We have also created some things to sell at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday - hopefully we will see you there.


Homework Pages:

English - p96-97

Maths - p48-49

Maths (advanced level) - p46-47

Friday 22nd November


We have been continuing to learn about World War 2 over the past couple of weeks and we're almost ready to create a display of our work in school. This will include poems we have written and also some of our art work. We have also been trying to get outside as often as possible and this week we have done some of our spelling and science lessons using the outdoor classroom and the school grounds.



English - p24 and p25

Maths - p36 and p37

Maths (advanced level) - p29 and p30

Friday 8th November


This week, we have been busy with our bikeability lessons and getting ready for our Remembrance assembly next week. We hope to see some of you for the assembly at school at 9:30 on Monday and at the church at 11:45.


Homework - As we have been  busy with bikeability, there are no english and maths homework pages this week. Children should still make sure they read their reading books and practise their spellings daily.

Friday 18th October


Over the past two weeks, we have managed to finish the construction of our moving spy cars. We had mixed levels of success but we learnt a great deal about how to use a range of tools safely. 



English - p6 and p7

Maths - p30 and p31

Maths advanced - p23 and p24

Friday 11th October


Homework -

English p86-87

Maths - p2-3

Friday 27th September


We've had a busy week this week as we've finished our english unit and started our DT. We are currently writing up our english work to create a class book on spy gadgets. In DT, we have practised using a range of tools to create picture frames and spinners so that we have the skills needed to design and build our own spy cars!



Maths - p8 and p9

English - p82 and p83

Homework - Friday 20th September


English - p12 and p13

Maths - p6 and p7


Due on Wednesday 25th September

Climate Change Protests

Meet the Teacher


Thank you to those parents who came along to the 'Meet the Teacher' afternoon. I hope you found it useful. 


Key points:

  • PE is Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon
  • Our current topic is Secret Agents and Codebreakers
  • Homework - daily reading and spellings as well as weekly english and maths (home on a Friday)
  • SATs - an information evening will be held later in the year